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    Spore Cloud

    Perfect, I was looking for something like this. Lots of particle effects make it obscure vision a bit, but great if the cloud only lasts a second or is an environmental doodad, or even a projectile. 5/5, shame it got thrown in the Simple bin.
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    Leech Seed (buff + projectile)

    I dunno what this place has against small changes if they result in something with a different application. Similar but distinct means it would pair great with Entangling Roots on a caster or among a race with a plant theme. The silhouette and animation are different enough that they're easily...
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    Elven Step

    Very nice. I love simple buffs; they provide the opportunity for lots of small variations.
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    Doom's Demon

    Vast improvement on the regular doom guard.
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    Paralysis Aura

    5/5, as someone who doesn't know anything about making models, I super don't care if this model is apparently too simple for everyone else. I'm always looking for more nice succinct visually uncluttered readily identifiable auras.
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    Spell Aura

    "Too simple, a mere texture swap." Mm, yes, quite, a mere texture swap, how droll I say, how pedestrian, anybody who's anybody can swap textures, pfaw haw haw haw haw. Surely, a model only fit for commoners. We'll mark it for Simple along with the rest of the riffraff. Ye poncey little fop. Can...
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    Is there any chance someone could fix the death animation glitch?
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    Is it possible to transfer custom sound sets between maps?

    Progress update. I tried copying both the Sound and the Units folder into a new map, I tried deleting the old Sound and Units folders before copying in the new one, and I tried saving the map with imported sounds as a map file instead of a folder immediately after copying the Sound and Units...
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    Is it possible to transfer custom sound sets between maps?

    Been working on and off as a hobby on a set of maps all using the same set of characters for the past few years. Recently made a bunch of custom sound sets for many of them. Previously I'd had to replace each internal sound file one by one for every unit in every map, so I was very excited last...