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    Legends of Arkain True Story DEMO

    Finished your 4 books already is not bad but just a castle sim but i enjoyed it
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    Wight & spells

    Nice model
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    P3 Ancient Race Vs Orcs of Chaos Ins

    There not any slots for being player on drakotus side
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    Bomber 1.01d Hard Eng

    Great pve minigame
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    Ancient Race FFA! 4.04e1 Final Eng

    Great pvp map with players
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    P3 Ancient Race Vs Orcs of Chaos Ins

    Pretty hard map and cool map
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    Destiny of Lordaeron

    what version fo this campaign
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    Nightborne User Interface v1.2

    when widescreen ui will be of this?
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    Empire of the Ancients 1.01a Eng

    very good map
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    20 Years of WarCraft III

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    Path of the Damned Revamp

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    Island Troll Tribes

    I played this map in lan games
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    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    Holy moly didnt see you in years
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    HerrDave's WW Additional Units

    cool models
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    Swordmaster (hero+unit)

    Damn man good models its good for macro stuff