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Eagle XI
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Jan 24, 2020
Mar 9, 2012

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Somewhere in the great nothingness

Eagle XI

:p, from Somewhere in the great nothingness

Mlem! Oct 21, 2016

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Jan 24, 2020
    1. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      Hey about "Do you have got an icon request for anything required soonish ?"
      Actually yes, What about a "Cathedral" icon? We haven't got one of those.. Also maybe MassiveMaster's "Village" house? There was another one which I forgot. If you could please do those at least, much appreciation.
    2. Ardenian
      You know, using an art manipulation tool you could greatly improve the quality of many unit icons you uploaded with a few seconds of editing.
    3. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      Dear god, That Pikemen Bandit is all that I wanted, It's really such a shame that you can not upload them to Hive but at least you can upload them somewhere that is not that hard to find, I'm looking forward to other surprises. (Was gonna suggest screenshots but it seems you've done it already. well done.)
    4. Valandil
    5. Eagle XI
      Eagle XI
    6. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      Please keep those darn Icons coming, If hive can't handle 'em please upload them somewhere else and tell us where.
      I seriously needed some of those icons, Thank you.
    7. Sin'dorei300
      Do u intend to flood the icon section with screenshots?
      Done.. Posted it in the workshop.
      Tell me if you like it so that I can post it in the workshop with the blp file.
    10. BETABABY
      Here is your request.

      [IMG] [IMG] -----> [IMG] [IMG]
    11. Mike
      You can free upload icons for all my buildings)
    12. BETABABY
      not done yet.
    13. BETABABY
      I'll take your request.
    14. StoPCampinGn00b
      Do you know Raptor XI?
    15. Ardenian
      Your request has been done. Please comment on it.
    16. Misha
      and last thing, because i sent the message in your rep prematurely.. don't demand something just because you're not happy with it :/

      that's that..

      and learn the difference between drawing, and making a 3D model <.<
    17. Eagle XI
    18. Ardenian
      Hey, master seeker, do you think you can help me to search this model ? :)
    19. skymarshall
      The airstrip idea is definitely a good one. I was considering converting Ujimasa Hojo's beastiary into some form of control tower for air units, but haven't had any inspiration as to how to do it. Adding a runway might be a good place to start.

      The sheep processor I found in an MPQ for a multi-race mod called nirvana on moddb. The mdx was sitting in the mpq unused - I have no idea who created it originally, but it looks as though Minimage has been working on something very similar so it might be an early version of his model

      I really like that dwarf factory! Where did you get the mod files for rotik from?

      Finally, here is the result of my afternoon of messing around (building on right) - this started off as Ujimasa Hojo's barracks :


      edit (had wrong pic)
    20. skymarshall
      Here's the totality of my goblin buildings so far: http://i.imgur.com/8HTG9vg.jpg

      Unfortunately, the level of plagiarism in the other models (they're really just minor tweaks to other people's stuff) is too high to try and share them on here!

      My plan was to use the repurposed factory for a tier 2 construction building, like your machine shop idea.

      I was also planning on giving Ujimasa Hojo's barracks and beastiary a similar treatment to the town hall, and then finding something to use as an item seller. I might just use the goblin merchant model for that, but it doesn't fit that well with the other goblin models
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