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    Looking for a Map.

    So this is a long shot, but I'm look for a Lord of the Ring map. It is set around the time of the War of Wrath, and while I'm not 100% on this, I think you were able to go to Valinor and destroy the two trees of light. With any hope, someone might know the map I'm talking about based on the...
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    1.3.1 patch

    Windows 10. And from what I can tell it is. From what I can tell, I'm assuming its a problem with the patch as I tried uninstalling the version from the blizzard download and reinstalled the game from my discs. Those worked until I patched them.
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    1.3.1 patch

    So I recently re-downloaded Warcraft III and it worked fine for a little while, but for the last two or three days I havent been able to run the game. If I try to run it from the x86_64, I can see it start in task manager for afew seconds then it closes. If I start it from in x86, the game opens...
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    Kill Command

    I'm looking to set up a kill command to help keep down the number of units in a project I have been working on and off on for some time now. Has anyone done this before and can explain how this might be done?
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    Official WarCraft IV Discussion

    I would have to agree, Blizzard made a massive stuff up when they made WoW, and while many people are mistaken in saying their is no storyline to the game, it did take Blizzard a stupid amount of time to make a story. Personally I found most of the expansions had more of a story to them then the...
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    Violent video games affect people in a bad way.

    Looking at the statistics violence has gone down with the increase in violent video games and movies, and as a general rule the only people who are affected by video game or movie violence are people who suffer from some degree of mental illness.
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    Yeah I noticed, thanks for that, I was really to sure about where to post it.

    Yeah I noticed, thanks for that, I was really to sure about where to post it.
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Nice models

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Nice models
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    Map Ideas

    I'm looking to make a new map and I'm looking for ideas. Is there anything people would like to see in a map?
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    WarCraft: The Movie

    I know its abit late but I recently read something about a series of movies in the making, by a group of fan in the UK. If what I read is right, they planned to start from the very beginning, before the first war.
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    Marvel vs DC

    I fine the only problem is that most people think that they are the same thing or get the two mixed up
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    custom models and textures

    Do custom models and textures need to go in a particular file or folder?
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    Custom Teams Problem

    Thanks guys, I'll try that and see what happens
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    Custom Teams Problem

    I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm sure alot of people have had the same problem I have. I have a number of custom made maps that the map shows up in my maps list, but theres no teams. Does anyone know why this is and how to fix it?