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Last Activity:
Jun 22, 2016
Apr 10, 2010



Drunken_Jackal was last seen:
Jun 22, 2016
    1. -Peper-
      I got Velociprey/drome, Genprey/drome, Ioprey/drome, Rathalos/Rathian, Tigrex/Nargacuga.
    2. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      well, i can do serval requests if you ask me... just say :)
    3. Jazztastic
      I changed my name for a few reasons. Beef_is_back was weird to spell, and I hated having to explain the meaning and the cultural reference to anyone who asked what it meant. Also, Jazztastic is my current warcraft 3 account, and I love jazz music, so it made sense. You can still call me beef if you want, it's cool :D
    4. GangSpear
      What indexing? :O
    5. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      good, cuz i am a terrainer already in my project :P
      if you need a texture or icon, say
    6. GangSpear
      Ok,but sometimes i inactive.
    7. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      yes i am :)
      but currently i dont have much freetime :(
    8. Champara Bros
    9. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      well, ye it can be :)
    10. newbchu
      yeah i use to play it on psp lol
      hmm i'll try lol
    11. GangSpear
      Codes mean jass?lol
    12. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      hmm, i currently dont have any requests... i may accept your offer :) but dont give me hard challeneges :D
    13. Champara Bros
      Champara Bros
      no I do not but tell me what you want anyway.
    14. newbchu
      Yeah sure lol
    15. GangSpear
      Well,what do you need?
    16. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      Well, i don't know... if you need a texture, just send me a request... i'm not so good texturer and i currently have a project as a terrainer. i can do some requests you send me, but still i cant make so awesome textures as the others do (dio, shiik, 67chrome, redshift...)
    17. GangSpear
      Holy shit,i don't know Jass but i know GUI triggers ==(Custom script same with jass right?)
      Maybe i can :)
    18. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human
      I thank for the offer but i might decline it, for you see iam not an expert modeler, and i cannot connect to hive due to the "Oops google cant find ...." i can only access through comp. shop. but if its ok with u then i accept.
    19. HandCLAW
      Hello Drunken_Jackal.

      Well, first off, thank you for your offer, but I have to decline. Maybe it hasn't been evident enough, but I've been out of the modding business for a looong time already.

      Secondly: I'm very choosy about the people I'm working with, which probably was one of the reasons of the downfall of ATT, but I'm even more choosy concerning the mods. I helped Dmitry slighty in Heart of the Storm, I worked together with Xaran Alamas and also was part of Realm Design in Dawn of Chaos. If I aren't personally interested in the project, then I lack the drive to work on it...

      And to be honest, you showed to me personally nothing to catch my interest...

      Anyway, I mod only for myself now and I've got other things troubling me in life, so no, I won't join your team.

      Sincerly yours,
    20. Hades17
      Which map are you talking about?
      The Dual Survival Horror Map is a 2 man only project, including me and NewbChu, the other map is a solo project from my side... So atm I think I do not have anymap that I would like to build up with you, maybe we can start a new project together with our Creation team?
      Kind regards,
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    Home Page:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    "'I am a god.'
    - Jesus"
    - Kanye West


    Welcome to Hive Workshop, the website where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

    My Projects/Websites:
    JNGP 2.0 Alpha Testing | The New Hive Idea Factory (run by Paillan) | Blizzard Modding.info
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