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Last Activity:
Jun 22, 2016
Apr 10, 2010



Drunken_Jackal was last seen:
Jun 22, 2016
    1. AL0NE
      I'm sorry. I've been inactive lately. As my signature says, i'm not taking any requests for the moment. I'm having the final exam at my school. Just managed to on my pc for awhile to check some stuffs. but study comes first. Anyway, I'll probably do your request after my school ends and the year end holiday starts, which is in the middle of November. If it's urgent, then i'm sorry for unable to do it. If not, I'll do it in holiday. Time to study. see ya. =)
    2. Sellenisko
      There is always a chance. I can definitly tell you it will not be soon.
    3. Xian
      I've got an awesome new mouse woohoo!
    4. eubz
      Pics dude.
    5. HOooDy
      Mahirap Tol ~!
    6. HOooDy
      any projects .... imm actually making a worldwar 2 airforce war ... !
    7. Xian
      Pasig, oh and that was a weird question... cause manila is in NCR lol
    8. Xian
      Haha thanks for the advice,i already asked my friend to buy me one,because hes gonna go to the mall anyway
    9. Xian
      its an optical mouse,
    10. Xian
      i will make a workshop once i fixed my mouse,it works for 1 second then malfunctions for 3 seconds then works again,.. its so fricken annoying, so i used my touch pad
    11. Xian
      Good Enough???
    12. Xian
      on the movie or the cartoon version?
    13. Xian
      oh i remember yo,your'e the one who commented on my rejected model
      BTW i will do it,anything for a friend and a filipino
    14. Luorax
      Hello Drunken_Jackal!

      I'm glad you like me, my works and find me good enough to join your team. I know some of the members, and I must admit that it's a kinda nice team.
      Well, I'd gladly join, however I don't think I can. This is my senior year, and I have to learn a lot. I've heard from others that this is supposed to be the easiest year, however not if all your teachers go mad.
      I don't have too much time. I can barely work on my own project, plus now I do care more about my social life (I go out more often with my friends; I've realised how cool it can be). So sadly I have to say no. However, if you have questions, little requests, or anything similar, I'm always here to help. Maybe in the future I'll get more time; if so, I think I'll be able to join.

    15. GangSpear
      Ok,thanks,what your name of your campaign?
    16. GangSpear
      Lol,my campaign maybe need 1 month to complete...
      EDIT: You can be my grammar checker? :O
    17. mckill2009
      sorry, I dont make GUI request anymore but I can do that in jass/vjass...
    18. Palooo3
      Like when boss die, you can take "quest" wich is connected with boss and his story, this mean if you kill Tidal Lord, wich is in Tidal Ring place, you can take "Quest" to defende corpse of Tidal Lord from smaller tidals try to revive him, if you fail, you don't receive anything and your score get -X, allthough if you win, you get bonus score and some reward, like items, "lumber" etc etc you know.
      Well, we planned to make all those 3 zones it 3 separated version. This mean, in first version beta you would have only cave part and latery it would be tested, balanced and fixed catched buggs. When everything works as clock, we would open anohter beta part, to be tested balanced etc., and afer another zone. Also in each zone add patch there would come new class and quests.
      Here is shorter info about map, if you want to know anything more just tell me.
      PS, sorry for double post but it didn't let me to post it in one :P
    19. Palooo3
      Well, if you read story you understand base of map,
      About gameplay, you choose one of 5 classes, each has subclasses.
      You fight your way and complete MAIN quest line, there is also OPTIONAL, bottom quest line, wich improves your equipment and total score. there are so far 3 planned and one main zones, "Cave" part "Yemeron's Tomb" and "Melarion's Tomb", all of those has different themes.
      In each zone there is one major boss and few sub-bosses dividing into 2 groups, "Bosses" and "Minibosses" -> there is difficult difference between them. Game provides many quests, events and items. Also we planned to include afterdeath evenets.
    20. Palooo3
      Hello, I am sorry to say, but everything is kinda dead. There is zero interest in project by other people. I personally think it is not worth making it, beacuse there will be allways something better, beacuse my skill in WC3 editor isn't best.
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    Kirin Tor
    "'I am a god.'
    - Jesus"
    - Kanye West


    Welcome to Hive Workshop, the website where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

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