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Jan 21, 2021 at 3:24 PM
Jan 29, 2014

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Jan 21, 2021 at 3:24 PM
    1. Againstallodds
      I started today a new combo of 4 Heroes with Avatar oh Humans, Vasik and Tuskar.
      Azeroth the healer palading has a heal. In lvl 3 says that heals 600 hp. It doesnt work properly.
      It heals only for 200 hp i guess like a lvl 1 heal. Your description of spells varies some times.
      It originaly says one thing but when you pick the skill you find out that it is of a different value.
      Boss 1 seemed a bit harder did you upgrade him a bit or it s the new combo i use ?
      Boss 2 seemed a lill bit weaker but still very strong. I killed him lvl 9 with all my heroes but i lost aegis
      so i played it several times to get him without losses. Bosses still dont give enough exp.
      Having killed Boss 2 and 3 i still got less than half a lvl to all my heroes.
      Boss 3 seemed easy. I think he should be a bit stronger.
      Creeps waiting in the fountain was a nice adition.
      I ll edit this for more info on the current version valuing the changes etc, i ll do that as i move fwd because i might forget things.
      1. Dreamshock
        Hey! Writing the description for spells is kinda annoying and yes there are some mistakes, this one should be doing low amount of heal and not 600 for sure, just the description is wrong. I didnt touch any of the first 3 bosses. I improved some heroes (changed some abilities), some abilities and some descriptions, i also made the Caster boss (5th one) to be harder and the 7th boss to be also little harder ( I also made little special effect when you kill the bosses and text). I tried to do the thing with the boss experience but after spending half an hour to do it, i coudlnt figure out how to do it in triggers so i left it the same way. I believe that they must give more exp, to be more rewarding but my exprience with triggers is not that big.
        Dec 30, 2020
      2. Dreamshock
        I basicly tested the bosses with your combo, but with insta levels and items. So i figured out that Caster is quite easy so i made him harder, i figured out that Azdan (paladin) is strong and i nerfed him a little, i also made Tricker boss little stronger too. After trying to kill some of the bosses with my own combo, i figured out that killing them is not rewarding enough, didnt feel as there were enough visuals for it, so i decided to have little special effect when the bosses die and also text
        Dec 30, 2020
    2. deepstrasz
      1. deepstrasz
    3. Soul Reaver
      Soul Reaver
      Thank you Dreamshock - I'm really glad you enjoyed the campaign.

      I'm actually looking into the possibility of a 'special edition' that includes voice acting, but if I do go ahead with that it's till very far away from completion (and no guarantees at the moment that it'll happen). Still, it would be cool.

      And I'm really glad you enjoyed the music in the campaign, I spent a long time picking it and I hoped it would introduce some other people to some of these cool songs/bands.
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