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  • do you have a personal site for NvB?
    i would like to join your team and help creating an even better version
    i have tons of good ideas and i am experienced in suggesting heroes and stuff
    yes there is a forum. At z13.invisionfree.com/SLK_Productions

    Release date unknown but map is 85% complete till release
    i download it but it was error and its says "u must reinstall FT"
    there is another way to download tht it will not reinstall only to patch it???
    hi dream nice the 1.2 ver. is out???ehehe really cool.
    and dream why i cant play the game if i start it will be back again.
    and there is no choses in the team why??/
    plss help me!!!!! :(
    Forums at z13.invisionfree.com/SLK_Productions. However it is gonna be opened at when NVB is released.
    ohh ok eheheh.soo when will u release the original ver. of NvB?dream do u have a blog for NvB?and dream plss improve the skills make it realistic like in the episodes of naruto.and can u make more skils for each hero if its ok to u?KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
    THe new NVB is not out and it's just some noob who leaked it. No one can play it that is the idea, so i see this is very pointless.
    helo dreamraider the new NvB is out and i download it and i cant play the game why???
    yes it is back on production. Expect a new release soon with 2 new heroes and some balancing and bug fixes.
    hi dreamraider i like the naruto vs bleach map r u working on it now?????eheheh...TY!!!!
    hi, what you make to import a lot of models on your Naruto vs Bleach and the size be less then 4mg??
    Hi.dreamraider ,can you help me with spells on my map .Naruto World Ultimate.I tried many ways ,i look in many forums but i dont see anything that can help me with my problem. I wait your answer .Thank you .
    hey dreamraider i know ur concerned about map protection but check out this site Index page it is a hacker site that needs to get a life all they do there is teach how to deprotect maps and hack them along with putting cheat packs... u will be surprized a site like this existed if u havent been there b4. gl trying to get around an entire site i also checked it out they have every version of 3rd shinobi wars cheated and hacked so if u want to get some1 in trouble do it to them cause that is the only site i know that specializes in hacking maps.
    I just uploaded my first ever icon check it out!
    BTNSpacePokeball - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    Yo check out my new "mini-campaign". Its short and easy to play and last about and is about an hour long. The ending is really cool to.
    The Exile to Silvermoon - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    Welll i mean i changed map protection. It's now increasly harder so i just like to change that low rating of 1 for protection to a higher number.
    I review map for 2nd time and also for last time, I wish you think twice before request me to review again.

    If you ask me why I review usually review it a resources 2 time only, it is very simple.
    Cause it would be selfish to review 1 resources only and there is many other map out there waiting for approval.
    I really don't care, what anyone considers this place. Whether or not you hate fakes and liars tauren, the download process for models is easy. Even if you delete a profile you can always come back and download things privately. Furthermore making a new profile is easy and you can always lie. The risk is if you make a map expect it to be remade or stolen. This would be like coke getting mad at pepsi. Knowledge is shared, put your name everywhere to be shared with it.
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