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    Scoreboard System

    Nice system! But people should be able to make one themself right?!?!... What ever, useful for lazy people and NOBS! Edit: sorry not ''NOBS'', beginners
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    [cJASS] Holy Light (RPG style) V1.05.c8

    cJass seems much more similar than C++. Jass and vJass have some comon rules but cJass is the most similar as I noticed (I don't know how to cJass O_O, I've only watched the code)
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    Wow this seems to come from an OOOLD mario game! Whoa! And you changed it into 3D, you're GODLIKE! nice model!
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    Zomie Survival

    Hey it's written Zombie Survival... The B is missing :/ You can also modify this sentence: to
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    (System) [vJass] SpellBar - Caster Bar for Spells

    Is it possible to make only visible to the player casting the spell??? Would make a big plus :O :D And you could also write Casting over the head of the caster so that ennemies knows that they're casting a spell but they can't see if they're pretty done casting the spell or have just started...
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    Zombie survival

    Seems fun! Zombie maps are the most popular... and are the most fun to create in World Editor... Don't know why O_o!?!?!
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    The Thing v1.0

    First map uploaded :O Please add more documentation, description :/ And screenshots would be a plus :D Ima also lazy so I won't test it yet... Oh and write if map is protected or an Open Source mkay!
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    [ROC]Event Manager v1.0f2 1.24&vJASS required

    Seems useful as I read your description but... I don't understand :/ LoL... I'm always in the GUI state cause I'm lazy to learn JASS and mostly vJASS... :( Buuu... My lazyness..
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    Mafia 1.55

    He's one of the best map maker that WARCRAFTIII had ever knew! I must test it if I'm not lazy!
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    Building Rotation

    Some doodads and structures models are made to always face the same angle like the bow of sylvania (the 2 balls of her bow) are just 2 2D circles always facing the camera. For structures and doodads it's same thing...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) GENIUS I SAID!!!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) GENIUS I SAID!!!
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    Removing text above unit that says who owns it

    harkal you're a genius :O!!! You need some more reps I think?! Hehe
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thank you! Wc3 have many issues..!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thank you! Wc3 have many issues..!
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    Removing text above unit that says who owns it

    Like he said, the box will still exist, just don't put names to your units and it's ok. Try searching for the file doing it in the wc3 folder???
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    Gun Skin Camera Filter

    There's actually a game with the hands, you can try to contacts the author. Here: