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Last Activity:
Sep 2, 2015
Jun 23, 2009

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We Burn, We Harden

Dragonson was last seen:
Sep 2, 2015
    1. jokerman10000
      great :) i will make it in a second
      im next one?
    2. jokerman10000
    3. Wolfe
      Hey. Sorry for the lack of RPing. I do check and read up on it though, so don't think I've abandoned it or anything. =P
    4. Fussiler1
      Mate, I posted. Can I use some kind of Darkvision roll?
    5. Misha
      testing :>

      EDIT: works great :)
    6. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Thanks =D

      Well she might run off anyway... for other reasons..
      But sure can't wait to hear it =)!!
    7. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Quick legless sketch :D
      I was inspired!!
    8. Arcisal
      Thanks for replying!
      One more question before I stop bugging you: do you actually hand draw some of your pictures?

      PS. Your drawings are absolutely epic!
    9. Jaret
      Whai not??
    10. phoenixfire
      Yeah, sorry I was writing it late at night and couldnt really think much.
      For some images, i'd like a castle (possibly shrouded in darkness) or maybe some grand building (possibly shrouded in darkness). Maybe some shadowy evil figures to. I've been thinking about a name, but can't really come up with one, plus I'd have to take it over with the clan. Hope thats enough, and sorry. If you still need some more, I'll discuss the name with my clan.
    11. Arcisal
      Sorry if I'm disturbing you. (Truly am!)
      But I was wondering if you used any other software besides Adobe Photoshop to create your epic signatures? Do you use anything else like Illustrator to create the font and headings?

      Sorry again!
    12. kevv2
      there has been another hold up for me ill post it int he thread.... Q_Q
    13. phoenixfire
      Actually if you havn't started yet I'd like to delete it. I imagine its too late to change it now, but if you've already started then I'll still take it, its just that the projects on hold (not canceled) since I'm helping somebody in my clan on their map.
    14. Misha
      'ello, someone told me you draw ponies :>
    15. InfinateAnswers
      yeah sorry, i had friends over and was distracted, push mine back a few requests because i have to collect my thoughts and sleep lol, been awake for 40 hours
    16. Wolfe
      Hey, could you come on Skaaaaaype please?
    17. InfinateAnswers
      oh wow i just remebered haha, actualy i discontinued that project, but if you could id like to change that to a different sig,

      Image: Urahara Kisuke
      I want it to be like hes fighting with his blasting and stuff yeah...
    18. Phoonix
      Thanks, and cya in two weeks.
    19. phoenixfire
      Yes, I am still interested! Can't wait to see it :D
    20. jokerman10000
      how it go with my avatar? :)
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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