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Last Activity:
Sep 2, 2015
Jun 23, 2009

Awarded Medals 3


We Burn, We Harden

Dragonson was last seen:
Sep 2, 2015
    1. Wolffman
      Magnus is prepared!
      Yes.. Also, check Holo D.Munk, I sent him a letter..
    2. MasterHaosis
      Dragonson, :cgrin:
    3. Bernkastel
      Do not worry. I shall be the youngest, cruelest and tastiest part of the court so far.

      I intend to enjoy myself to their last breaths.
    4. Bernkastel
      It appears I no longer have a guise to hide my existence. I'll put this straight, I crave to be a piece on the chessboard once more. However I still have sixty days of military service ahead of me which I must take care of before I can truly give this game of yours my all. Thus.. I will most likely join when this all has started.

      I can create my character before that and get her approved so I can simply jump in when my time has come.
    5. Amargaard
      Of course I checked it out - I'd love to be part of it, if not for the obligatory busy life that I am a part of. But I trust the door is always open, if I change my mind? :)
    6. Alagremm
      Oh no, I believe that you of all people can muster up a proper roleplay on this god-forsaken website. Unfortunately though, for the time being I'm swept up in real world affairs. Bernkastel may be interested though, she's a serious roleplayer and did say that she checked out your thread.
    7. Alagremm
      Oh right, I forgot to reply. I find your roleplay concept very promising and interesting. My only concern is that it won't work... on this website.
    8. Alagremm
      Welp, I love it for the name alone, already. I'll give it a read ocne I get back.
    9. Alagremm
      Unfortunately, I feel like the feelings aren't mutual. Quite frankly, I'm heartbroken. But enough of that.

      Oh yea, Rafia, I forgot about that. The name still lingers in my mind.

      Sure, could you send me the link?
    10. Alagremm
      Something else... *blushes*

      Oh yes, I've been watching the preparations of two roleplays. Not very promising so far. At all.
    11. Alagremm
      Wouldn't really call myself an active factor, I just stick around because of Bernkastel.

      I'm pretty fine, you?
    12. Mythic
    13. Mythic
      Thanks for the tips again.
    14. Mythic
      Hey, Dragonson, did you ever feel like recycling designs in your signature making work? Taking a part of an older sig you made, recoloring it and adding it to a new one.

      I feel like I'm running out of ideas...
    15. GunSlinger
      Ok so I went through with no complications and I really like it but the thing is, it's a bit too complicated for my RP. Although I will get the Opposition rolls and merge it with your Lorepainter.
      Thanks again Drag! :)
    16. GunSlinger
      No worries bro.
      I'll go over it right now.
    17. GunSlinger
      sounds awesome drag. I can't wait to see it.
    18. GunSlinger
      Oh cool. Tell me more about it.
    19. GunSlinger
      Hey drag.
      May I get permission to use your Lorepainter system?
    20. Mythic
      Thank you so much for the tips!
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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