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Last Activity:
Sep 2, 2015
Jun 23, 2009

Awarded Medals 3


We Burn, We Harden

Dragonson was last seen:
Sep 2, 2015
    1. Biggrouse
      i am going to now remove those pictures from my profile.
    2. Arisato
      I heard you do signature?
    3. -Peper-
    4. Zzonehardy
      Yes, I would like to have my signature done :) that would be great but if you have a skeleton throwing the dice I would much appreciate it :)
    5. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      I doubt it's anything personal but yeah it's annoying nonetheless -_-
    6. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      wtf - takenji is just trolling isn't he? -_-
    7. Wolfe
      It has been four years - I doubt they're going to develop faster. =P
    8. Wolfe
      Hehe, yeah. I really, really just want Sylvari week now. I'm curious... so very, very curious...
    9. Phoonix
      ah, yes. I must've missed that.
    10. Phoonix
      so it is somewhat comparable to a skill tree, that is very good to hear.
      hmm, yes I'm somewhat certain that i am going to use Lorepainter now. I just have one more question for now, how do you define the bonuses feats give to players? do you make them up or do you have some guidelines for it?
    11. Orcnet
      oh its okay, and thanks for the information :)
    12. Wolfe
      OMG! Charr cars! Quick! We must be Charr awesomes when GW2 comes out!
    13. -Peper-
      Always interested.
      Is my request clear enough? :)
    14. Orcnet
      Hey Dragonson! I'm sorry if I'll say this but i'm quitting the RP ):
      really sorry dude but I don't want to leave the RP just like that, if you have in mind of my character, is it okay if there would be an enemy or entity where it will either possess Unan or just strike him quickly to death or any else?
    15. Phoonix
      I see, well we can just discuss it here aswel, it might be slower but it works just as good.

      I think for the levels i am going to use a mix of both xp and DM leveling, it's probably the best working method that way. Other then that i had a question about chanelling, how will you go about upgrading it? You describe it as something very narrow yet expansive. Will it be comparable to somewhat a spell/ skill tree? choosing certain feats and by that gaining certain bonuses when you channel it in a certain way? I'm a bit confused whit it, but it seems cool.
    16. Phoonix
      oh right, we have to talk about that. Using Lore Painter would be awesome, and i THINK it could work tough I need to know just a tad better how you will progress whit feats and levels etc, so perhaps we could get on chat again?
    17. Phoonix
      hey, my connection is better today ^^ so i'm in a pretty good mood. also, the lore-writing and concept creation is going at a great speed. I think the RP should be finished just by the end of my exams in about 5 or 6 weeks.
    18. InfinateAnswers
      im not angry its just a lol moment and i dont wana go around seeming like a dumbass cus i dont have my name spelt right on the sig lol
    19. InfinateAnswers
      god dammit dragon, when will you spell my name right!!!! the sig says InfiniateAnswers but my name is InfinateAnswers
    20. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      I'm done anyway =D
      Just my two characters and TWIFFFY's - I did them all on an iPod - I really should use my tablet but I find it a pain at times :3
      Might do Ashen in the future.. with twif's permission again xD

      Looking forward to seeing your work! :D
      Oh and is just me or is the rp being really quiet again :'( ?
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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