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    Tauren ancients/buildings?

    hmm. I think the buildings should be made of cloth and maybe kodo bones. and the build anim should have all this dust swirling around the building that is being constructed.
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    Tauren ancients/buildings?

    their town hall should be able to move once it gets to tier two and three. that would be cool. (map idea) give the tauren a Nomadic upgrade that makes most of their buildings moveable.
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    Tauren ancients/buildings?

    Their buildings should be cloth hut-type things with kodos next to them and then the buildings can pack up on the kodo and move around slowly, like the ancients. tauren are nomadic and move/migrate around the plains.
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    put a stormtrooper on it. awesome model, though.
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    Predator Hulk 07 - Animation 06

    It looks like it's made out of legos... but why only 3 anims? there isn't even a death anim...
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    heh. that's awesome.
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    yeah, it needs wings. but otherwise, nice model.
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    someone should make different anims for the spirit walker so that he attaks with his axe, making him a melee character. that would be awesome. btw, awesome skin!
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    I need someone with 3dsmax or Wings3d!

    I just looked at Blender. Looks pretty sweet. I think I saw, or heard about, an obj to mdx converter somewhere. I could be just making things up though. If there isn't one, there should be.
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    Post some of your requests here.

    hey, could you make me a sweet lion model? like the tiger model on this site, but a lion. that would be cool. thanks, Dragonfox
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    I need someone with 3dsmax or Wings3d!

    hey DDNGW, just wondering, what program do you use to make models? I also am on a mac. btw, I have wings. don't know if it can convert to .mdx though. haven't really experimented with it. is there a plug-in that makes it possible to export to .mdx?
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    Need ideas for prehistoric models...

    sweet. can't wait to see the therizinosaurus.
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    Need ideas for prehistoric models...

    definitely make a compy (compsognathus). they're awesome. and you should make an amargasaurus (I think that's what it is). EDIT: and a Therizinosaurus. they're awesome, too.
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    maybe if you made the ears the same color as the feathers it would look better. but anyway, awesome model! make more beta models! *coughcoughdruidofthetaloncoughcough*
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    Need ideas for prehistoric models...

    there is already an ankylosaurus model.