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    Kalorian Death Guard (Reforged)

    Just a tip this could use a more darker armor the textures of the elves would do for the body however the head needs to be retextured.
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    Warcraft III Viewer

    Theres ransom ware on this needs to be fixed or updated.
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    Looks good. Reminds me of LOM.
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    hmmmm.... model needs to be edited to make it look like an angel. right now it looks too much like a Gargoyle.. the wings needs work too. (if u dont know how to skin in game textures works well too) Hope this helped goodluck. :)
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    Looks simular to LoTR elven spear sentinal Looks great. Looks very highelfish and could be very useful.
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    Bloodelf Pikeman

    Sweet model. theres maybe one thing that bothers me though............. one shoulderpad doesnt move with the arm. but other than that the model is awsome. 9/10
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    Sweet model dude. nice
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    Draconian Zealot

    Very nicely done giving that its a melee starter Dracion it looks very good. Can't wait to more of these. 10/10. nice TC btw
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    nice robed Knight.
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    Draconian Witchhunter

    nicely done. love the zelot
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    I think these look good but just need to touch up the skin on this one some more still can see some of the green from normal orc.
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    Paladin Lord

    Looks good , and yah it has been done . but I dont know did it get transfered over.
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    Fire Dragon Caller of Fire

    one word and the only word needed sweet :]
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    Kamek the Magikoopa

    very nice Kamek model.
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    Gandalf The Grey

    looks good just the staff seems transparent LOTR rules.