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    Data Editor is NIGHTMARE

    It would help if someone made an advance spell like in that video and makes a tutorial step-by-step making it work... Cuz I disected that Surge Map and none of it makes sense... Basically my understanding is very weak in terms of the mechanics of effects, behaviors, abilities and other random...
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    Data Editor is NIGHTMARE

    GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!! The data editor is a pain in the ass. I'm learning everything from scratch and F**K there aren't enough descriptions out there to explain everything. For instance, what the hell is a CEFfectPersistent, is that a type of effect, what does it do??!?!?! WHAT THE HELL ARE...
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    Few questions and thoughts on the GUI

    There are tutorials that show you how to import galaxy script. Will they be adding a library of the native functions? It would be really usefull... right now I have like a MS doc that lists all the native functions I encountered by viewing the galaxy code through the editor... Need time to...
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    Few questions and thoughts on the GUI

    I wasn't really impressed with the custom script editor, in fact I culdn't figure out a way to actually edit the galaxy code through the "view code" interface. And is there like a catalog or library of all the native functions, or do we need Vexorian to do that again :thumbs_down:... Finally...
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    StarCraft II Galaxy Editor

    How to use the water pallete? Its so dumb, I can only make blocks of water... Edit nvm just change the height... What is the New Preset type, new record, new action definition, and new condition definition ?
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    StarCraft II Beta Participant List

    DoOs_101 at Korean Server. Ohhh god!! Please move me over to the US server! I don't know why I got put into the kimchi place...
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    Against the Darkness v2.94c

    Wow he must be really good. Did you pay him or was it free?
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    Azeroth Goldrush

    I have given up on Warcraft 3, seeing as how this could become, I shall make my last stand before the end of wc3! The calm is me studying PhP and mySQL, my programmer buddy left to CarnegieMelon making viruses instead of ranking system :P. @scorpion, how bout also use the heroes from Falls...
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    Do these deserve to be testers?

    No, wc3c is, then comes after that
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    SC2's jass replacement (preview)

    U are awesome, thx!
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    -_-' <-- "Zomg that's not english!" -ralle

    -_-' <-- "Zomg that's not english!" -ralle
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    Against the Darkness v2.94c

    Did you draw that illustration of the map preview?
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    SC2's jass replacement (preview)

    The AP Comp Sci program in America and International focuses on one language and that is Java. So expect many people to assume the syntx looks like Java.
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    What your Map?

    Well if you check my website, I tried to make a battlefield 2 like map on wc3 provided with an online ranking feature and failed miserably... I'm going to try again in sc2 - utilizing the first person, 3rd person features in the galaxy editor making it possible to actually cr8 a game like bf...
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    SC2 beta is here!

    I don't have the statistic on this but the market for multiplayer games is way bigger. Hwver, you proved a point, games like Bioshock for instance made their landmark. But most blizzard games are always about modability, we're all here interested more in the galaxy editor than the game...