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    Rise of the Creeps 1.10

    Awesome. It needs more maps though.
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    War of the two Gods! V1.1

    I love the game
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    High Elves

    Lol :ogre_haosis: I will test it. Seems good.
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    Struggle for Azeroth

    Good like all your other maps but I recommend you change the screenshots. It is not true to the map :/
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    7 Kingdoms

    On the mac, some Icons will make warcraft crash. I hate using my mac but i dont have a PC. There must be some icon not from warcraft that makes it crash. I am not telling you to fix it because that might ruin the map. I am just warning people that use mac
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    Struggle for Azeroth

    I love your maps. :ogre_haosis:
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    Warlords & Samurais - DEMO (beta)

    SAD. Dubbed's Maps have potential but he gave up with it. (Unless he is just taking a really long bath) I wonder what happened to him (car accident?).
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    Heroes of Genesia

    Awesome game 5/5
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    7 Kingdoms

    Bugs: I tested it on the mac. Pretty good with no mac bugs except the human bug when you click on the arcane sanctum it crashes. I will still check if there is any more. Suggestion: You should add 2 races like SFA. It adds more variety and strategy. Imagine planning defenses for 8 races. Lol...
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    Rumble in Outland

    like normal, one of your great maps
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    Jedi Arena v2.0f+

    Is there AI?
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    Rise of the Guardians

    I could help be a Beta tester for all of the Mac users. This could prove to be like a warning sign to the mac users that play warcraft :thumbs_up:
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    Diablo Chronicles AOS

    The blunt weapons. when a Mac user uses warcraft, some icons will cause it to crash (Only custom ones) There is probably an icon in the blunt that is causing me to crash so for Mac users, just don't click the blunt weapons NVM With the new update you can't click socket weapons...
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    Lotr: Aos V8.17

    Going to try. Why don't you add a description
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    [Role Playing Game] Dota 2: Open Role Playing Game

    Sweet! Can't wait until this comes out. though it might not work on mac :(