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    The Valley (Loop - Fantasy)

    Thanks! Honestly, I just wanted to upload something quick to the new sound page just to say I had something up haha, so all of your comments are exactly what I was thinking too. It would be fun to improve this one/add more variations, but I also have some other songs I might like to upload too...
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    Creation - Cinematic/Trailer Music

    Awesome song my friend! :D
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    The Valley (No Loop) (Sound)

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    The Valley (Loop - Fantasy) (Sound)

    Very glad to see a Sounds and Music section here on Hive! No better way to start than to upload an unused track from a map project I had been working on a while back. This is rendered as a loop so the beginning may sound a little funny since it is intended to repeat smoothly when used. I might...
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    The Valley (Loop - Fantasy) (Sound)

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    Thanks my friend! :D

    Thanks my friend! :D
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    Hive's First HD Model Contest - How HD should it be?

    Even though it could be tough to do something original, maybe this contest will inspire someone to accidentally find a better way to work with custom Reforged models. :peasant-thinking:
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    Hey! Sorry, I hadn't been on the site for a bit, but I'd be glad to send you a version without...

    Hey! Sorry, I hadn't been on the site for a bit, but I'd be glad to send you a version without the dialogue. I've pasted it here to the site so you can download it! :)
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    MM20 Stormforger

    How you managed to wrap that much detail onto it using only in-games textures is astonishing haha. You even have MM (I'm guessing for Murloc and Mythic) on the shoulder pads. Did you have to make those letters separate faces or is there actually a texture in-game with an M on it like that? xD...
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    Modeling Contest #32 - Grand Prix & Chill [Optionally Paired]

    My reminders didn't work and I almost forgot! Don't know if I'm too late at this point, but honestly I don't think mine stands a chance against your guys' friggin' legit models haha. Either way it's still a fun addition to Hive! Here is my little dude :D Annoying Hoverboard Kid
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    Annoying Hoverboard Kid (Model)

    Ever wanted to roam the the streets of Stormwind on that new hoverboard your rich parents bought you? Now you can! Become the one and only Annoying Neighborhood Hoverboard Kid! Equipped with your magically team-colored hat you got from the Brawler's Guild and your new smartphone you stole from...
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    Annoying Hoverboard Kid (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Helpful Import MDX into Blender 2.79 Addon

    Hmm, I followed your same steps and mine worked okay. The only difference I can see is that your version says 2.79 and mine says 2.79.1, I wonder if there was a small bug fixing patch that could affect compatibility. If not that, the only other thing I can think of is if you accidentally put...
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    Helpful Import MDX into Blender 2.79 Addon

    Yeah I do recall that from WoW. I suppose these plugins were never really designed to accommodate that difference in the first place.
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    Retera Model Studio Reforged Hack

    So I've only scratched the surface for now, but I've discovered it's possible between all the tools available to get Reforged models into a fully editable state in Blender. This allows us to port them to virtually any other moddable game, even Classic War 3 I think. Check out this thread I...