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    Bandit Enforcer (Re-Classic)

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    Troll Warrior

    Can you make mask version too? Like on BFA cinematic
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    ORGRIM DOOMHAMMER (Film version) by Aeonux

    Thats really nice! I hope you'll make durotan film ver. Too
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    Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD

    Well goodluck! see that :-)
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    Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD

    Cool bro! But I suggest replace the helmet using his lordearon hd footman and shoulder pads too.
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    Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD

    Can you make lordearon version of this?
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    Varian with twin blades please :((
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    Rifleman Lordaeron HD

    Remake peasant too with axe for gathering trees like on reforged.. hd peasant please...
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    Trundle, the Troll King

    Make more!
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    Sh**t! Heres my vote
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    Righteous Guard

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    Kobold Race Pack

    Building please
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    Medieval Building Icons

    Downloading it again and my vote
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    My 'Stalfos' Race

    Cool bro!