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Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2013
Oct 16, 2008


Power Creator Unlimited

Dj0z was last seen:
Jul 13, 2013
    1. buraxia3
      I love your maps!!!!!!
    2. Etzer
      Lolz, i thought i had remembered to update rating xD
      Embarrasment ftw
    3. Sellenisko
      Ok so i will look on it. I will try to do it asap ;)
    4. Sellenisko
      has it to be something high poly ? or just simply made model for your map ? i think i can create something like Navi on Ikramm... thats what i can do for you by now, iam really busy, iam joined in two projects and i have my perssonal work, and my real life etc... Sorry for that, but navi in ikrammm i can create for you ;)
    5. Sellenisko
      sorry for that. iam working every moment on something ;) i will look what i could be able to do.
    6. SasuhKun
      May took a while, but... I'll try :)
    7. San_Melon
    8. Sellenisko
      Ok. so today or maybe tomorrow i will send you.
    9. Sellenisko
      Its not problem i think. I can just delete wings. What colour of spawn do you want ?
    10. Zypher
      Lol, barely play warcraft except for customs, I mostly stick to my xbox, halo 3, and forge, which is basically a level creation tool for halo 3. I plan on coming back to mapping for starcraft II though. I'll add you on warcraft and assume your name is still Dj0z. :D

      Edit: Can I add you if you play on Europe and I play on Us East? I think maybe you type something like Dj0z@Euro or something
    11. LexX
      I've updated the map, there are many changes=)
    12. NFWar
      Hi. Yes I can help.
    13. LexX
      So, did you test the map?
    14. LexX
      I've updated the map, hope it works now
    15. Zack1996
      Sometimes the file name is just too long/the folder name.
      For example, there is a limit to the total length of the file name + whatever folders it was in, so a file named "Warcraft Map XXX" in a folder "ABCDEF" is likely to show, while another like "XADKJLAJLLSJFZNXncmsnrapskdjf109321090" is unlikely to show, even in the downloads folder :P
    16. Crazed_seal2
      I swear i have seen you before. Were you from clan MoC(Masters of Creation)?
    17. Lag_Reviews
      hey I'm a review your other map pretty soon :P

      Its just alot bigger, glad you liked my first review for RD :P

      Here is your other review very soon,
    18. Lag_Reviews
      Hey dj0z I'd be happy to review your maps.

      I'll get onto it now and I'll review both just because you think I am a good reviewer :P.

      Hope to review more of your maps,
    19. Viikuna
      Okay, cool.
      My knowledge about the all these aspects of map making is indeed pretty large, and Im good vJasser, although my bad math skills kinda limit the stuff I can do.
      Im also pretty damn lazy, so I dont really make any cool stuff anymore, which is kinda sad in some ways.

      Theres just too much other stuff to do in these days. :/

      Anyways, thanks for saying hello. Hello to you too, luls.
    20. Viikuna
      Hello my friend, who ever you are. And happy X-Mas too, ey.
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Chaos Colossus
    Rival Dynasties
    Goblin Dominions
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf


    Forum for my maps: Dj0zmaps.goodforum.net Play something original :) also, Clan DJE @Northrend(EU)
    Chaos Colossus! Awesomeness. --- Rival Dynasties Evolved Melee. --- Goblin Dominions 1.15c: Explosive territory wars.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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