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Sep 30, 2019
Oct 16, 2008


Power Creator Unlimited

Dj0z was last seen:
Sep 30, 2019
    1. Misha
      I'll see what i can do. but i won't promise anything.. mainly because my comp is really Kaput right now.. '~'
    2. Misha
      "tsaheylu" thingie won't be possible without custom anim.. which i'm learning still :/ + i'm usin' milkshape which destroys all bones on the model.

      that what blademaster has is meditation., not sleep.. do you want that or really sleep anim like ogres have?

      hmm.. anything else..?
    3. Misha
      so.. a lill bit thinner than the DH? should i remove the demon form stuff and leave only morph anims?
      need ponytail and tail? :P
      removed weapons too..
      heroglow? should it have or not on arms/origin?
      lol sleep from which model would be good? :P
      :P want attack of the rifleman as ranged?
      should i remove the sfx of the demon form?

      ..... :D
    4. Misha
      So.. how do you want the na'vi AVATAR to be?
    5. Misha
    6. Misha
      hm.. any progress on my map?
    7. Aliasing
      I love you Rival Dynasties Map and your avatar one! Really it's a quality of work that isnt really showing a lot in wc3 nowadays.
    8. supertoinkz
      Your Avatar map is really awesome :), I'm interested in how you did that ubontium or something harvesting?
    9. Hawk
      No i was looking on Google and i found this =)
    10. Hawk
    11. Misha
      sent a PM :]
    12. Misha
      Time is not a problem (much) just that it gets done :]

      and reliability too.. i need someone who'll actually help me finish the whole campaign Oo
    13. Misha
      that is because i never uploaded 'em.. because first on hive, i downloaded some maps.. and got.. "deflated" by how those were easily surpassing my stuff, lol xD

      so.. i can get you one map, then another if we finish the previous, and so on x)
    14. Misha
      well i'm basically trying to rework my maps, made in the days when i didn't even know about hive..
    15. Misha
      could you help me in a project? :o I'm hopelessly trying to do something with it, but i'm no leader :[

      if you do want to help me make my campaign, i'll help you with model edits and stuff..
    16. Misha
      You're a mapper? :O
    17. Etzer
      I'm a good person, but I'm in hiding so ssshhh.
    18. Hawk
      One more and Green Gem! :) Make more Avatar skins!
    19. Septimus
      ok thanks, i think i know why.. it might due to the excessive corpse being created when i killed that unit.
    20. Septimus
      (like, instead of only music, chicken sounds when they're running around, peasant scream when he's chased, something... ).
      I actually planning to use the love model for that scene, but for some stupid reason; the model just won't work at my WE.

      Also, it got really laggy towards the end of the cinematic, the fps drop was pretty big (yeah my comp sucks).
      Are you sure? I have a very terrible computer and it work fine.

      By the way, wasn't it supposed to be protected? I think the hive's description said so. Thought i'd let you know.
      Nope, it was open sources.. the status indicate it so.
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    Current Project:
    Chaos Colossus
    Rival Dynasties
    Goblin Dominions
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf


    Forum for my maps: Dj0zmaps.goodforum.net Play something original :) also, Clan DJE @Northrend(EU)
    Chaos Colossus! Awesomeness. --- Rival Dynasties Evolved Melee. --- Goblin Dominions 1.15c: Explosive territory wars.
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