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Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2013
Oct 16, 2008


Power Creator Unlimited

Dj0z was last seen:
Jul 13, 2013
    1. Narandza
      Ask someone to make better models for your map. I like the map but why I would rate it 3/5 is because there are no models that look like ones in the movie, please ask someone to make models for you and your map will be great! Lol ask Cameron haha.
    2. ikillforeyou
      Oh, and you should get rid of that spammed avatar thing, go to the search function, and type "Avatar" and you'll get this map as the 6th one, so i'm pretty sure it's not working.
    3. ikillforeyou
      You're my favorite mapper.

      I'm going to make you a heck of a drop pod.
    4. buraxia3
      if you improve everything its can be more lagg?
    5. buraxia3
      awesome maps KEEP GOING!!! :)
    6. Tleno
      Just glad you liked it...
    7. Tleno
      I didn't made the minigun line because originally there were only two lines...
    8. Metal_Sonic
      I last used my Metal Sonic account on B.net about 4 years ago, I imagine they killed it since then. You've got the wrong man.
    9. Pyramidhe@d
      go up the page and there is an option called thread tools. and then subscribe to this thread option.
      thank you for your cooperation
    10. Pyramidhe@d
      spamming "subs" will get you a nice negrep. dont do it
    11. Fingolfin
      Wellm, you're gonna have to send me some concepts first, and tell me how you want them.
      If i would give one tip to your map: don't make all the trees destructables. Some should be regular, unselectable doodads. As it is now, it is totally cluttered - i could barely select any other units because of how the trees were blocking them.
    12. Animalpower
      I saw some say you have a bad terrain,Im a expert terrainer,I currently make jungle map,And I can give your map ''LIFE''.Can I make you a terrain for your AVATAR map?
      Also change animals so they look more alien.
    13. ashbringer753
      ta envi de tester ta map avatar sur battle.net un jour? je sui sur europe account name: ashbringer753
    14. Misha
      dude.. it's been a while... what happened with the Bas Celik intro cinematic map I've sent ya? O_o
    15. Animalpower
      Im making a spore project if you are a expert modeler create me models of aliens not original from Avatar.You don't must if you don't know how to model.
    16. Misha

      btw.. all rifle-based anims aren't compatible with DH skeleton D:
      what now?
    17. Misha
      Ok, death/dissipate done.. :3 do you want a single model with just a cam or a talkin' portrait? oO
    18. Misha
      naw.. those won't fit either.. '~'
    19. Misha
      Hmm.. ran into a lill problem.. the model needs different death and dissipate animation.. any ideas?
    20. Misha
      I'll see what i can do. but i won't promise anything.. mainly because my comp is really Kaput right now.. '~'
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    Current Project:
    Chaos Colossus
    Rival Dynasties
    Goblin Dominions
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf


    Forum for my maps: Dj0zmaps.goodforum.net Play something original :) also, Clan DJE @Northrend(EU)
    Chaos Colossus! Awesomeness. --- Rival Dynasties Evolved Melee. --- Goblin Dominions 1.15c: Explosive territory wars.
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