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Sep 30, 2019
Oct 16, 2008


Power Creator Unlimited

Dj0z was last seen:
Sep 30, 2019
    1. HKO2006
      Hope I did not misunderstand anything...
      It creates a new map, nothing changes except the text(From English to Chinese)
    2. Dj0z
      Wait you said "replace" the english one.

      So this creates a separate map file, that will allow you to join games hosted with another specific map file that has another language?
    3. HKO2006
      How I translate maps:
      1. Use MPQ Master to extract war3map.wts, war3map.w3u, war3map.w3a, war3map.w3t
      2. Run WE, press F6
      3. Load w3u, w3a and w3t
      4. Copy their name, description, tool, any visible text into a Note
      5. Translate!
      6. Something like this
      7. Copy the Chinese one, all back to w3u, w3a and w3t via WE
      8. Translate wts
      9. Place war3map.wts, war3map.w3u, war3map.w3a, war3map.w3t into the map, replace the English one
      10. Done
    4. Dj0z
      I know this problem... I have the same with alot of players from France (where i live) who can't read english and either leave or ask things all day.

      As for the changelog, i already try to reference all text changes there, but for that purpose i'll try to make that alot more precise.

      That said, you'd need to tell me how exactly translation works. I know it's been done in DotA somehow (seen that in some changelogs) but my DotA remained written in english, while i have a french warcraft3.
      I don't care about that, actually i like it better in english, but it doesn't help me understand how we could make a version of Avatar available in other languages, that you could play with someone with another language version... Or did i misunderstand something?
    5. HKO2006
      May I translate your map 'Avatar' into Chinese, and release it?
      Actually, I started translating 'Avatar' since it's 0.49(never finished), but I didn't have enough courage to ask you about this at that time.
      I want to translate it into Chinese as it is too tiring for me and players who want to play it with everyone to teach newbies in every game. Also, some newbie always quit game as they are scared by huge wall of English texture. At some extreme samples: some RDA players can only have 20 max population all along the game.
      I am not a professional translator but I can deal with huge wall of text and typing all day long without feeling boring, and I promise I will keep your manings of each sentence as far as possible.

      If you approve, would you please do me a favour to give me the very short changelog like which units' have been changed, so that I don't need to place all the texts in one note to compare which INFOBOX has been changed(what I'm doing now).
    6. Dj0z
      I play sc2 more now, but i did reopen war3's editor to finish avatar a few days ago. The problem was that the host bot doesn't work anymore, and that i had nobody to test it when i managed to get my normal hosting up again.
      So i thought i might aswell keep training on sc2 mapping, but if we meet on bnet i can finish this.
    7. Aliasing
      If you still play WC3 I have a small group of people who still play your maps, and they would appreciate your glorious return
    8. Koola
      ill send you my email via skype so you can contact me
    9. Koola
      can you copy your editor to me? do you have a skype ? you can give it to me there
    10. Koola
      can you help me with my map?
    11. assasinwar9
      hay you dont know me but do you think i can get a unprotected version of your map "Rival Dynasties" i would really like to see how you made the map and edit it a bit, you would get the credit in the map of coarse
    12. knight_godryu
      How did you make the avatars mount on the animals? 0_0
    13. Squall_Leonheart
      you're an awesome creator, if you dont know that... xD

      but i guessed you already heard it for too many times... xD
    14. Cweener
      Mkay, I went to the maps, I'll review them both very soon.
    15. Cweener
      lol, I'm not even in the reviewers group, but thank you. :3
    16. Narandza
      What icons you need? :D
    17. Narandza
      Ofcourse, I do can do icons by request, just ask, what you need. COMBO asked CRAZYRUSSIAN to make those icons but when I saw that, I got insipred and I made 2 of them so far, now up to last one that I don't really understand "Feline's Movement" wtf is that? O.o
    18. Narandza
      I'm glad I've helped, but for trees and doodads you can mix exsisting ones with glow to make those trees that glow... oh, and I can help you with terrain(If you want to improve anything), if you need, I'm good with terraining but suck at triggers.
    19. buraxia3
      me too my computer is 8 years old and it got 521mb ram :D
    20. Narandza
      I myself don't know to make models, I tried but I don't know how do those programs work so I quit, if I had someone to explain me how do 3d model-making programs work I would probably be good... But videos on youtube that should explain are just not enough for me...

      I like you map but it need better models for native creatures! Otherwise everything else is good.
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    Current Project:
    Chaos Colossus
    Rival Dynasties
    Goblin Dominions
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf


    Forum for my maps: Dj0zmaps.goodforum.net Play something original :) also, Clan DJE @Northrend(EU)
    Chaos Colossus! Awesomeness. --- Rival Dynasties Evolved Melee. --- Goblin Dominions 1.15c: Explosive territory wars.
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