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May 24, 2015
Sep 21, 2007



Diehard@Azeroth was last seen:
May 24, 2015
    1. eleljrk
      I see, but how do i make it.. BLOCKING? In your test map i cant go up it, but i can go down..! :confused:
    2. Silvenon
      C++? I've heard that C++ is for making applications and something like that. Really depends on what you want to do, different programming languages are used to achieve different goals, so if you want to make a FPS, you'll probably need to know a lot more :D. I suggest googling to see what programming languages are used for what purposes and find a language that suits you best.

      For example, I like web design, so I learned HTML and CSS. Currently I'm learning JavaScript (which is pretty easy after learning vJass, because their syntax is really similar).

      Anyways, I suggest learning any programming language, because, unlike vJass, other programming languages let you do things that are far more useful than coding in a 10 years old game (Warcraft).
    3. eleljrk
      The cliff where you cant go up, in your test map.. O.,o
      EDIT: are you gonna try the run system? (Ask Anachron for bar system).
      I know you read this sometime Anachron ^^
    4. Anachron
      Thx :D! Hf.
    5. Anachron
      What? Oh no,... You define everything at map start, and then on gameplay, you can easily modify anything you want. It can also be used for inventory, spell system etc.
    6. Anachron
      Nope, have you uploaded it?
      And else, hows your RPS going?

      I am currently making really crazy stuff,
      such as doing structs for items, abilities, advanced items, advanced abilities, inventory, advanced inventory and such.

      The aim is:
      When you have these librarys, you can do nearly everything you want to. Easily.

      Well for example, I can get the description of the item, the goldcost, and all the spells description by calling an advanceditem method, which has all the data.

      I guess it will be very hard, but I am on a very good way.
    7. Anachron
      Did you got it?
    8. Silvenon
      huh? what work?

      well, programming with vJass is easy because it's fun, but at the same time hard because you're always trying to find the simplest way to do it (and then you figure out that there are about 10 ways to do it and then you can't make up your mind :P)

      also, i don't like coding in wc3 because there are always a thousand thing you must keep an eye on (especially when making spells), not to mention thousands of bugs... also, debugging can be a pain in the ass too
    9. eleljrk
      SWEET! When you are draged down its so much... Smoooooother..
      All thats needed now is to tell me how i make the "UnMove Able" cliff ^^
    10. Revolve
      Hehe lol, I will :D
    11. Revolve
      Yw :) Awsome system :)

      Thank you about terrains :D And yeah, I am making maps, but so far I haven't finished one to 100%.. =/ Lot's of ideas, less time!
    12. eleljrk
      Anachrons system works for everything! ;)
    13. eleljrk
      err sorry man, i just found a leak in my system >_< i fixed it anyways, it was from the boolexpr if u know what htat is meh >_> feels much smoother now tho
      Thats even more cool xD (Or maby uncool with a Leak? O.,o)
      And about attack, cool! xD Make units able to reach point of movement after dragged down.. ;)
    14. eleljrk
      Cool, and the run would be awesome! (Add it like a Passive Spell and use Anachrons Custom Bars for making the Run time Bar, ask him)

      And would you like to tell me how i can make the Move-To-Top slower? ;)
      EDIT: NVM! I found out how! ;) *knock my head*
    15. Silvenon
      yeah, using other people's code is awesome :D
    16. Silvenon
      I somehow don't care much for credits... probably because I usually code for myself :D
    17. Silvenon
      it's really not that difficult to... but yeah, there would probably be a lot of irritating bugs that would just keep on coming and coming :D no problem anyways, if you need help with vJass, i'm often online, so you can ask :)
    18. Silvenon
      uhm, my knockback system is too simple and a bit outdated (and it doesn't support domino effect), i suggest searching on thehelper.net, there are some nice functions as i recall... :D
    19. xxdingo93xx
      O.o Where's the problem in copying/pasting a Jass trigger? Well ... here is how you should do it:
      1) Create a new trigger
      2) Convert it to Jass (for if you don't know: Go into the trigger editor -> Edit -> Convert to custom text (or something like that)
      3) Copy the Jass code you wish
      4) Mark the whole code from the trigger you just converted
      5) Pres ctrl + v (paste)
      Done. I can't see a problem here :o
      Or did I probably misunderstand anything?
    20. Lore-Wolf
      well then like this is better
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