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    Summon the Knight of Light (Map)

    hello this is my first spell in this case I made a spell in which you invoke a knight of light that is vitally linked with the summoner, that is, if the summoner dies the knight will die but if the invocation dies or his life time expires he will not be nothing will happen to the summoner...
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    Summon the Knight of Light (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    [Melee] Warcraft III Disolution

    WARCRAFT III DISOLUTION Hello, I want to present my Warcraft 3 Disolution project that consists of a mod that adds races to select on any melee map or on maps that allow you to select your race. You can also play with your friends on a local network. INFO: Disolution is a melee mod for WarCraft...
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    ¿when you will do arthas, riflemen and knights in hd?

    ¿when you will do arthas, riflemen and knights in hd?
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    Royal Guard Kul-Tiras HD

    excellent model. ¿When do you do an arthas hd?
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    Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD

    excellent model very interesting would be to put it in the campaign to rexar
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    Rifleman Lordaeron HD

    excellent hd version, I hope to see one of prince arthas as paladin and with the frostmourne
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    (2)Sky War

    in my opinion the length is fine since you have more space to develop a good strategic system
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    (2)Sky War

    I didn't have enough time to fix them, as soon as I have some time I'll fix them
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    (2)Sky War (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Captain Lordaeron HQ (Unit\Hero)

    Really epic
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    Knight Kul-Tiras HD

    really epic
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    New hero level indicator

    Thanks for the comment
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    Footman Kul-Tiras HD

    great model I hope the knight and the rifleman
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