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    Hero through Dialog

    No no, i see thats not what im looking for ...this is Grand Prix hero selection style and i dont want this..i want like a dialog appears ..the player press the button and he gets a random hero from an it?
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    Hero through Dialog

    How can i make a player get a random hero from an area after clicking on a dialog button ?
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    Pls help me solve this....

    im trying to make a spell which would kill the unit when it has 20% hp or less but its not killing the unit...what should i do? check this Events Unit - A unit Finishes casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Execute Actions If (All Conditions are...
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    Percentage Skill

    i wish to make a spell that would kill the unit if the unit has less than x% of all ''credits'' (gold and kill) to the caster got it? where can i find the condition like '' if unit has equal or less than x%.." ? btw i tried with life quantity but the spell didnt work the unit...
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    Trigger Condiction

    Thanks guys :D
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    Trigger Condiction

    Is there a Condction like '' Targeted unit of ability being cast is under buff "Bufy" ??? or something liek that cuz i wish to make a spell that would do extra dmg if an unit is under a buff ....if not......what should i do to complete my trigger?
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    Icon problem

    no thats not it.... the research icon is showed but there's no normal icon like...u can learn the ability , does work but there's no normal icon.... got it?
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    Icon problem

    (i didnt know where to post that topic between spell of icon but w/e) Im having a spell icon problem, where i made a hero spell based on iten spell but when i learn the skill with the supposed hero the icon doesnt shows....what should i do?
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    effect help

    how do i put an non stop effect of NEDeath?
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    picture only show ground
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    lol did u read my mind? :shock: i was thinking about someone to make this aura funny huh? :D
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    [JASS] Jass help

    how do u make jass.........pls tell me like a walktorught or step by step make a good one pls
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    nice but no weapon!? 4/5
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    i think dota maker will dl this to put on warden new version of dota comming up