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    ¿What is the best moment to get the exp reward from a quest?

    Well. Just what the title says. There is a max lvl where I could get the full exp reward of a quest without any penalization, but I can't remember what lvl it is, I think it is +2 lvls of suggested lvl of the quest, but I would like to know it for sure.
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    Drop List - Whitepine Mountains

    Stolen Devil's Flute from Lord of Caverns. I don't know if he can drop it.
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    Whitepine Crafting Bag system issues

    Zwieb you don't wan't any more suggestions? The community is made from different people with different ideas of fun and game design, so as a community it's pretty hard to "make up our minds", and even when we are trying to give our best feedback and suggestions in a positive manner, you act as...
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    About D3

    Zwieb, I've said it before and it doesn't bothers me to say it again. Even if I sometimes try to provide the best positive criticism I can (and I hope you don't take my suggestion or point of views as complaints because that's not my intention), I really, REALLY appreciate what you do for us as...
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    About D3

    I like the idea of "send next wave".
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    About D3

    I agree that grindy-ness its an important part of this game and keep its alive. I'm not a against it, sorry if I gave you that idea (once again, this is not my native language) but it should be correctly implemented and, of course, everybody have a different opinion on the matter. I draw the...
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    About D3

    Sorry if I expressed myself in a shortsighted way, but you saying that grinding is part of the satisfaction of the game is also valuing your enjoyment above my enjoyment, so we are at the same level there. Grindy-ness is subjective, but I think many users think Legendaries are grindy even...
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    About D3

    It's ok to not go after the legendary drops if somebody doesn't have time to grind for them, but saying that the time sink is part of the difficulty of the game is a fallacy. TvTropes wrote a good article about that
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) I like this suggestion. Good idea

    Reputation (+1): (Post) I like this suggestion. Good idea
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    About D3

    I really, really encourage this suggestion. I started played when D3 was not a thing so with my friends and I we just did the dungeon twice and skipped to higher level content. I don't think that imposed time sink translates into difficulty. I work 9 hours at day and like many other players we...
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    Anyone found Hopebringer so far?

    I swear I gonna change my signature to "Hopebringer is a myth"
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    1.2C drop list

    Hopebringer is a myth =O
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    Abilities Guide

    Incredible job as always! I'd give reputation to you if I could.
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    Update the skills

    Alex, I have to say it. You work seems pretty impressive to me. I only code in Javascript so I don't understand all of your code and I know there could be things to optimize, but as far as I know, the code is super-functional and amazing.
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    1.2C drop list

    I never used ASP.NET but if you can create a repo on bitbucket and let me clone the project I guess I could learn something and help, and even if I can't help with the server logic, I still can be of some aid in the UI with bootstrap and jquery, there's a lot of UX that can be done only with...