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    1. Alagremm
      Frankly, the fandom made Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory. But that's unneceserrily unsettling if you ask me.

      You can see my discussion with Orcnet, it kinda describes my idea of dark.

      Also, the fandom makes absolutely disturbing things, since they brutally mix the cute and nice canon MLP with the horror and gore genres.
    2. Edhel-dur
      Thank You. ^^
    3. TwistedImage
      That sucks.

      Atlus is awesome for keeping it up as long as they did, though. I got about as much as I could out of Demon's.
    4. Kas
      i dont realy wanna about that
    5. Kas
      acully, its 3 years in SEVARL mental hositals
      and i have aspergers
    6. rcshaggy
    7. Zegaroth
      I did color Sindred with SAI. Did you see it?
      Yea, I'm still continuing on trollestia.com, just that I didn't upload the files to the website yet.
      I need to reconsider all the security factors, remaking the entire trollestia.com is tough job but getting traffic to the forums is even harder.
      My top priority is my school work though, I've been researching on materials and chemical bonds for around 50 hours already. Still can't finish up school stuffs.

      I'm trying to get suggestions from people on how to improve traffic.

      As TF2 players deteriorate, valve gets greedier.
      I'm starting to hate valve a lot.
    9. Zegaroth
      Coloring is hard, and I'm not too good at it. Anyways, is the populous really that bad? I thought they seemed nice and inviting.

      Also, do you think I should update my Pony Folder?
    10. Magtheridon96
      I thought dreams become integer ;_;
    11. Zegaroth
    12. GIANT_CRAB
      I must say, you're the true brony who encourage me to move on. So much stress from school and worrying about the inactivity of the website.
      I rent game server, but the only respond I truly see in them was their gaming spirit.
      They do not care about the website.
      You are probably the only true friend I have, even better than real life friends, sarcasm from their encouragement, you are my true motivation. :)

      Well honestly, I think that most bronies do not deserved to be called bronies simply because they learnt nothing from mlp fim.
      I once asked a player in TF2 if he would give a hat to a player who is new to the game and wants a hat.
      "You crazy bitch, tf2 is about hats, I need to earn those metals"

      Bunch of fags.
    13. AdolfHitler25
    14. Ken-E
      First the rep got turnoff, now the avatar...
      C'mon, bro, why so serious?
    15. rcshaggy
      Why don't you have avatar?
    16. AdolfHitler25
    17. AdolfHitler25
      LoL Many Ponies More Merrier...
    18. AdolfHitler25
      O.o too many Ponies.
    19. Jazztastic
      I took a huge break from wc3 mapping (6+ months), and I havent really worked on that map since then. I still have the actual project, but it'll probably lay dormant until I finish the one I'm working on with my friend right now.
    20. Crazed_seal2
      I got banned, multi-account time!
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