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    Bloodtide Regiment Pack

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    Deposed Warlock

    An awesome re-imagination of the Necromancer/Lich. The staff is lovely, and I love all of the interactions with the tome. Well done!
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    Nerubian Behemoth

    I've got a feeling that @frostwhisper will be on this model like Old Gods on a mana-rich planet. :smile: Amazing stuff.
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    Demon Hag

    Damn, that is a FANTASTIC pair of models. Lovely stuff. Really sad to hear about the rest of your work being gone.
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    Hawstrider Cavalry

    The Hawkstrider is fantastic. But the rider doesn't look very Elven to me. The brown textures aren't quite selling it to me.
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    Ghost Captain

    Insanely good. One of the most original models released for HD yet, and extremely well made too.
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    Comment by 'Deolrin' in media 'HMMMM...'

    You have no idea how excited I am for your potential return, my man. That is fantastic stuff.
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    Dwarf Engineer & Turret

    It is his Stand Work animation.
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    Hive's Simple Edit Resources Thread

    Like a Starcraft 2 Zerg unit upgrade. Nice. :thumbs_up:
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    I'm in love with the hammer and 'stache. Well done.
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    Nah, HOMM3 is a timeless classic, but I literally thought you uploaded this model back in ~2005-2008 and updated it now. :wink: I suppose that was a different old fairy model. I also think you should make the wings flutter, but very very fast. Similar speed to the current "blinking".
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    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    My god, that Praetor looks incredible. Fantastic touch-up to -Grendel's model.
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    I thought it was much older. I remember like a 2004-2006 model of a fairy. And you are registered from 2004, I do recall seeing your name around in the Olden Days. :thumbs_up:
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    Holy shit what year is this?! Could be really neat to see a Sprite version of her as well. :thumbs_up:
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    Gondor House

    Oh my god it's adorable. I can see it being used in all manners of maps and projects. Could even serve as a simple upgrade from the Farm. Lovely.