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    hi deolrin. sorry if i bother with more questions, and i probably will poke you with more question after this :3

    may i ask where i can get the original juggernaught model that has been made by Xaran alamas and rommel?

    and also, i'd like to have your permission to post my texture work that i CnP-ed into the texturing thread and make my work download-able via pastebin there. (SoC related resources). nothing special, just a fan-made texture that i did for fun (since i am a huge fan of SoC :grin:)

    currently working on gyrocopter to represent the flying machine in Wc2. though it did'nt resemblance it that much. since SoC missing this one, i though i give a gyrocopter a try :3
    sure. i'll do that. thanks.
    hello deolrin.

    i think i supposed to ask this question to mr.goblin to be precise. but since mr.goblin is out from hive, i guess i ask this question to you.

    May i ask your permission to CnP textures from SoC resources to other units? like from example, i want to CnP some part from the "Goblin Ace" texture and apply it into "Gyrocopter" texture.
    As far as I can see... the eyes are completely gone... at least the pupils.
    But I guess people wont see the difference from the angle the camera is facing.
    The only place where it would be visible is inside the portrait.

    But anyway, yes this is exactly what I need, thanks :D
    I need one with elven armor.
    So I guess Ill just use the one I linked.
    Anyway, thanks for the green lights... I also gotta do something about those damn eyes...
    Hey bro.

    I want to ask a favor of you.
    I want to use this model as an assassin in my map, but I want it to have a human face... so no elven ears and no shiny eyes.
    Also, she should have a hood with teamcolors.

    And if you cant or dont want to do it, then do I have permission to let someone else edit it?

    Best regards,

    i guess i just try it using the pencil tool. thanks for answering.
    so, it's true that he use pencil tool instead of brush?
    hello deolrin, do you have any ideas what's texturing technique that mr.goblin use for the textures that he made for SoC? i try send him a pm before, but his not replying. since you were working with him before, i think you know something about it.
    Happy Belated birthday to you, Sir Deolrin (Alex)
    Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . ., ., ., .,. . . . .
    . . .__|__|__|__|__ . . .
    . . .|~~::~~~~::~~| . . .
    . . .|~!!~~~~~~!!~| . . .
    . . .|<(><)><(><)>| . . .
    . . .|}{}{}{}{}{}{| . . .

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

    . . . . . . .\ &&& /. . . . . . .
    . . . . . . ./<span style="font-size: 15px">*&*</span>\. . . . . . .
    <span style="font-size: 9px">©SeedinAethyr 2015</span>
    sir, just having a suggestion or idea for future modeling contest/other contest
    just... suggesting
    Just wonder if it would be better if the contest entry are PM to the Host and not telling the maker's name until the result of poll and judge is out, That would avoid to have people vote base on the people, just you know... a suggestion, :V
    happy birthday deolrin! keep being awesome :)
    Just poking :p my vote have not been remived yet :V
    Of course, if you're busy then i will wait :)
    ISIL Stuff? I'm just mocking them. I'm not literally supporting them, some users think that I'm a crazy train.
    ok, thanks for the information :)
    what's perenolde mean? is it just a name? or it represent something?
    hi deolrin :)

    i want to ask you a question. what is the name of the place in this picture?

    i am making a little project that related to Scars of conflict, and i'd like to recreate that terrain in my map.
    What if you don't use ingame textures. Well, yes, but make it a new seperate texture for that specific model. So I have to import both model and texture. You think that will work?

    Also, another thing for another model: could you remove the walls and ground texture from the Town Hall model? :)

    Again, this is much appreciated ;)
    The texture is pretty fucked up, and it's not the Lordaeron Dirt or Rough Dirt Texture. It seems to be a texture from the Icecrown Glazier tileset :/ Can you fix this?

    But the model is exactly what I need ;)
    Well, the path of the model seem to be:


    The Dirt texture from the Lordaeron Summer tileset, if possible then the Rough Dirt.

    I just need it as a complete new model with that specific texture wrapped on it ;)
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