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    Frost Mage (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Hero_BloodElf.blp (Texture)

    This is a skin of the Blood Mage designed to make it look like a Frost Mage. As this is my first skin, I expect it will look very unprofessional and amateur. Most of it is just recoloured, but I created a custom texture for the cape and collar. Keywords: frost mage, blood mage, blood...
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    Final Fantasy Battle Demo

    And just another note to everybody: This is just a demo of the system. I may make a full ORPG with it, but nothing is official just yet as I am working on a Final Fantasy AoS
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    Final Fantasy Battle Demo (Map)

    This was a small experiment to see if I could make a battle system similar to Final Fantasy in the Warcraft III World Editor. It came out pretty nicely so I decided to upload it here. Keywords: Final Fantasy, Battle, System, Battle System, Demo, Turn based, Tactics
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    Final Fantasy Battle Demo (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Reputation: (Post) I approve of this man

    Reputation: (Post) I approve of this man
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    Chaos Knight

    This is perfect for Garland in my Final Fantasy map!