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    (Post) [highlight](-2)[/highlight] Do not provoke or insult other users and do not type in caps.
    You are a sad person. You have to use proper English, actually have constructive criticism, and basically everything else Aesthetics said.
    Hey delyte, when you posted my map I saw your rep and I saw a yellow gem, what happens now? why are you get punished like that? You need to keep going, and if someone give you minus reps for something ask him why and don't make a scene because that, that's why I don't want to see the day that someone gives me a minus rep for some reason.
    You can:

    - Use proper spelling and English
    - Stop typing ""
    - Look inside of yourself for that really nice and mature person
    - Resist cussing or being mean in any way at anyone
    - Expand your intellect
    - Use only one account
    - Think carefully before you post
    - Know that moderators are just doing their job
    - Be professional
    - Resist trolling people who troll you
    - Don't double post or triple post or so on...
    - Rep people who are nice and they rep you back, and you're all happy!
    - Read the Hive's Rules
    I am NOT kidding nor am I insulting you. I'm trying to help you. Give it a try! :D
    cuz..... i got minus karma for that i giv critique to map..... but its tester job? and tell problems and bugs what is in map.. so for that i got minus karma.. what can i do?
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    (Post) [highlight](-3)[/highlight] Next time, less use of the word «suck» won't do bad. Also, do NOT double-post; use the Edit button at the bottom right of your post.
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