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    [General] Mouth movement

    Can I make the mouth move on reforged? I know it will if I switch to original voice, but is there any other way? ofc any movement is welcome lol The dialog during cinematics looks awful
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    [HD/Modeling] Iron Mine?

    Can someone convert Gold mine into iron mines? [reforged]
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    [Import] Sound Paths?

    Am using mp3 on my map sounds and idk what is the import path, just using the war3imported. Does that work? Note: am using reforged.
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    Female Villager Hunter

    Please Gun sounds pleaseeeeeeeeee
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    Scarlet Crusade Archer

    I LOVE YOU AGAIN [EDIT: The Archer appears weird]
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    Scarlet Crusade Knight

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    [HD/Modeling] Horses? (reforged)

    Anyone got riderless horses? Also a garithos without hero glow would be nice :P
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    Araj the Summoner Re-Reforged

    U and the guys working at it are cool tbh Wish I could do stuff like that
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    Araj the Summoner Re-Reforged

    Can I have the Map where that pic is taken from?
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    Villager Girls Re-Reforged

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    Human rifleman

    Please Tell me once its done lol, I love Garithos/Blood elves
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    Human rifleman

    Reallllly good one that I will 100% use, but why the gun sound doesn't go off?
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    [Lua] JRPG Dialogue System v1.1

    Damn this is too good, sadly I don't know Lua :P
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    Chronicles of the Second War - Updated Demo

    I played it, I love it and I wanna play the rest.. but it's just too easy :p
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    [Solved] reforged: Altar Base

    Thank You Is perfect if it weren't for the animations ^_^ But will use it tho