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    AI And Trigger

    Nvm Nvm just delete this post.
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    [Campaign] Forming of the Scourge

    Looks interesting. Good luck!
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    Magical City

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    Magical City

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    Magical City (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Magical City (Map)

    Description: Its a map that i decided to make for 2v2! In Game Description:Fight For Supremacy In This Magical City! Beware That Evil Wizards Live In The City With Their Elemental Servants. Trolls Also Live On The Outskirts Of This Magical City. Only The Best Will Survive!" Features 4...
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    Anime Battle Field v1.0

    make a descript nuff said
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    SWarcraft Singleplayer

    Improve your description, nuff said.
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    Naga Land

    Dude your description needs way better work if it will be approved. Read Map Descrpiton Tutorials and then maybe i'll try the map....
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    Just a little thing

    Right i didn't really know where this should go but if u cant convert wa 3 screenie just use snipping tool. If u know what i mean it works real well to post screenshots for world editor only though not in game. Then all u need to do is upload your screenie on imurger( just search it up) :vw_death:
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    RoTRP3.11 [Ashenvale]

    LOL WTH - nuff said
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    [Campaign] Starcraft Hybrids Campaign

    amazing simply amazing! It was very fun :D
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    [Campaign] Starcraft Hybrids Campaign

    XDD i am gonna try this right now!
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    (3) Creeps in Forestwalk

    Played It. It Was Nice Terrain: 10/10 Cant say much it's blizard terrain and the terrain on blizzard maps are very good so i have to say 10/10 Units 9/10 Good and i like the ideas of them. I liked especially the satyr shadowmancer with like master training and 500 mp the raised dead was good...
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    (3) Creeps in Forestwalk

    Sounds fun. I love to be the smaller races and creep races. I'll try it out and give it a review