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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2021 at 10:07 AM
Sep 3, 2014


Typescript Coder, UI Maker, Map Developer, Male

Need Co-developers and terrainers for my projects, contant on discord. Feb 7, 2021

Deadreyo was last seen:
Feb 25, 2021 at 10:07 AM
    1. Deadreyo
      Need Co-developers and terrainers for my projects, contant on discord.
    2. grimgrents
      Anyone who stands against the knights of the roundtable will be thrown in the dungeon!
    3. Edner
      Ty for Fantasy Life.
      This map is awesome!

      The latest skill ranger bugs his two another instances of critical damage.
    4. vanderslashzz
      Hello! Thank you for fantasy life! I have been hosting a for a while now. I just wanted to bring a glitch to your attention in 3.2B in which when you die and talk to death to revive, you tele to the arena and are an orb and there is a monster in the arena where you are supposed to fight, and therefore you are stuck and cannot suicide again. Not sure if it is in the works, but I am not finding wolf/deer master class? Also, I think that it would be awesome to have a feind--> vampire class!
    5. WolfFarkas
      2nd melee contest poll started, in the link you can (if you wish) download all the maps from the zip file, see them all and rate what do you think are the 5 best maps. If you donĀ“t have competitive melee knoledge, is okay, you can use other criteria like: enviroment, effort, map shape and others. The general public opinion is important to define 20% of the final score https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/melee-mapping-contest-2-poll.308814/
    6. Aedelor
      well actually nothing happens, we get in the building and thats all, we wait but nothing at all, is there a condition for the tournament to start, like all the players must be there or something, is so should the countdown start ?? by the way this is verison 1.30d, i havent tried on the new map. and thank you for uploading the map and for the answer
    7. Deadreyo
      @Aedelor When you get too close to the building, you should be teleported to Mewtwo's place, and after 30 seconds the tournament starts. If this doesn't happen, then save the replay and send it to me.
    8. Aedelor
      i wished to ask you something about fantasy life, the event of mewtwo to be precise, the rain starts and nothing happens when we go to the south east in the building near sephiroth's place, can you tell what i should do when that event starts because i am sure that i am missing something.
      thank you,
    9. Pinzu
    10. Deadreyo
      1. Cataegis
        I do. I found your Discord here on Hive; I'll send you a message soon.

        Mine is Cataegis#3604

        If you don't get a message within a few hours of my posting, add me instead. I probably couldn't get Discords finicky friend request to work.
        Jul 11, 2018
    11. Cataegis
      'Ey. I've been playing Fantasy Life since v1.1~ ish, back when the King had a crown item, and the death knight trainer was in the northern forest near the tavern up there, and I noticed your work in updating the map.

      One, thank you for doing so. It's an excellent custom map, and you've done a good job keeping it progressing. The version you've worked on seems to encourage roleplay a little more, which is fantastic.

      Two, I'd like to offer my help on proof-reading and writing for the map, so you can focus on the functionality of it. Typos, missing tooltips, cutscenes, etc.

      Let me know, mate.
    12. Spiderligh
      Hey! I would like to thank you for updating Fantasy Life, i'm playing at least twice every week. I hope you keep it updated!
    13. deepstrasz
      Sadly, the rules state that you have to write the credit list in the map thread's description and not necessarily in the Quest Log/map itself.
    14. MyPad
    15. Deadreyo
    16. Kazeon
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Graphical noob-friendly UI Maker application
    Acolyte of Life: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/acolyte-of-life.330425/
    Fantasy Life: https://beta.hiveworkshop.com/threads/fantasy-life-v3-2b-5.301462/
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Previous name: Deadreyo. Current developer of Fantasy Life, UI developer for Acolyte of Life, developer of the Reforged UI Maker. Mainly Typescript coder, and UI maker.


    Typescript Coder, UI Maker, Map Developer.

    Developing the GUI/noob-friendly Graphical UI Maker application

    I accept commissions for UI and systems.

    Active Projects: Reforged UI Designer (RUID), Fantasy Life, Acolyte of Life

    Delayed Projects (need Co-developers): Final Gladiators X, Third-Person Shooter map
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