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May 30, 2017
Nov 24, 2013

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May 30, 2017
    1. JesusHipster
      You make fairly cool effects
    2. kruzerg
      btw you only sent 1 triggers sir too me in text files
      i want all of that spell triggers
    3. kruzerg
      ah you sent me the jass of that trigger
      but can you tell me what type of each variable?
    4. kruzerg
      I will try my best to translate it even though i dont understand chinese lol
    5. kruzerg
      Ty for your reply, but can you copy as text all of your trigger to my profile page?
    6. kruzerg
      hello sir, u still active world editor w3?
      can u show me the full trigger of your skill dark implae, i dont want (cant) use YDWE sir
      i want the trigger on world editor war 3 english
      this is the link of skill
      really like your skill but dont know how to make it
    7. Garylau
      刚玩了一下你做的刀塔游戏。虽然我不喜欢玩,但是玩了你所做的刀塔后 我觉得还蛮好玩的。对你的游戏只能说一个字 那就是"顶!" 。可惜是华语版的 看不到字,画质好好这个游戏 特别是一开始的模式 逗比模式 全选模式 全随机模式。:thumbs_up: 希望有新的版本。
    8. Garylau
      能够打中文大概是因为我下载了搜狗拼音吧. 谢谢回覆.(准备考试了)后会有期 :d
    9. Garylau
      请问你是怎样能够让你的魔兽争霸War III 显示出华语字的? 我的魔兽争霸只能够看到英语字,而话语字则是以扩折号带过。还是说Warcraft III有分英文版本以及华语版本的?(顺便一问, 你是怎么record 游戏的啊?我试了很多程序了,但没有一个成功过。刚刚看到你跟ILH的对话中有提到一个程序,如果可以的话可以麻烦你给我那个Program的下载网址吗?万分感激)
    10. emobroken22
      I seriously want to download your map lol... i like the spells and i can see that you used the dota map... :((
    11. Garylau
      而我是评论的 哈哈 这里华人很少 西方人多
    12. Garylau
      在这里发现的第一个华人 是你 嗨~
    13. JB_McKnight
      Hahahahahahah. Sorry dude, I wish I knew I how to speak Chinese, but I don't. I do have chinese origins in my bloodline but it doesn't help.
      If you thought I was chinese because of the description then I'm sorry for causing a misunderstanding
    14. kenegeneget13
      uh.. so you are chinesE?
    15. kenegeneget13
    16. kenegeneget13
      so how do you read those "__" in the edit0r
      full of underscores :|
    17. kenegeneget13
      ok :) thx for the info...
    18. kenegeneget13
      hey opened it :)!!!
      but im thinking if i can get the triggers from your editor to mine?

    19. kenegeneget13
      hmm..why does it says fatal error when i try to play the map
    20. kenegeneget13
      thx men i successfully f*cking opened the editor!! :)
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    My first map on hive: 2048 (war3 version)!
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