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Mar 15, 2012
Flying nearby somewhere


Tal0n @ US East Mainly, from Flying nearby somewhere

Hi Jul 17, 2016

    1. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      I don't know dude, I've always sucked at animating stuff and I've never transferred animations, so I have really no idea how to make item versions of these models...
    2. DaneTheBeast
      Thanks for the help :)
    3. Cazeoj276
      Anything at this point works. I just need something to work on so I can update it hah, thanks for anything you've done.

      I'm doing alright, really busy, decent amount of stress but that's life
    4. Argos
      Apologies, you are right of course. If you could fix it anyhow it would be great.
    5. Marshmalo
      lol that was 3 years ago :P

      But no probs thanks! I cant remember why I posted that question now but its good to know for the future!
    6. Darkshadow95
      seems like my avira deleted some files :D i uploaded the updated map and gave you credits ofc.
      Thanks a lot for your help ;)
    7. Darkshadow95
      every time i want to test there is an error:
      "wehack.lua: 437: attempt to index global 'rtc_enabled' (a nil value)

      how to fix this, or how to test the map without saving it and open wc3 :P
    8. Darkshadow95
      ah, okay. but this is a point i can live with :D and it should be no real problem anymore if you can save and load your hero in a new game, so the leaks are "set back to 0".
      When do you think the save load system is ready, cause ppl asked me for an update and i have no answer for the question when it is coming :D
    9. Darkshadow95
      Oh, then it would be nice to put stats to like 10k :)
      Thank you for your help ;)
    10. Darkshadow95
      It would be nice if you could store them too, because of the tomes, but if it is too complicated or something, you can let them be. 1k or sth would be nice i think ;)
      If you dont mind, could you have a look at the quests, cause i tried to reduce leaks, but i dont understand JASS. If not, leaks should not be a problem anymore with a working save load system :)
      Btw: thank you so much for your help
    11. galactcus
      galactcus and yours?
    12. galactcus
      me gimli and btdonald waiting for you in garena!! :D
    13. galactcus
      download garena... (garena.com) and send me your nick so i can add you and we can discuss the project in the real time with the other's in project... and test it too together
    14. galactcus
      do you have facebook or hotmail or skype or raidcall or curse voice?
      or any kind of chat that we can discuss about the project in real time?
      maybe garena messenger would be better so we can test the map together and we can chat in real time too!! (this is the best option download it if you dont have)
    15. galactcus
      well lets continue with the pirate orpg... ^^
      and release a beta version hehe
    16. galactcus
      i was thinking about doing a monsters catch rpg want to do it with me?
    17. Dat-C3
    18. Darkshadow95
      Hey, the updated version of my map rise of anger is ready. If you want, i will send you the editable map so you can create a save load system that works in multiplayer, as you said. I need to add some triggers when saving a game (for removing some items, you should not be able to load and stuff) :)
      Ofc you will be added to the credit list etc.
    19. galactcus
      ok my facebook is marcos candine
    20. StoPCampinGn00b
      All hail clan BHoR!

      Also, nice post milestone you're about to get.
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    Flying nearby somewhere
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    Scary Stuff. . .
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    US East
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    Did have one however game was so bad I uninstalled after login...


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