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Mar 15, 2012
Flying nearby somewhere


Tal0n @ US East Mainly, from Flying nearby somewhere

Hi Jul 17, 2016

    1. Argos
      Do you have the latest version of the map?
    2. galactcus
      hi :D
      so how are you doing?
    3. Argos
      Nothing mate, Im extremely busy with school and all the activities. You see, this year is the last before the final exam and university, so War of the Clans became one of my lowest priorities.

      We are still stuck with the building system, no idea why when researched, buildings are constructed at wrong regions. Something with that, I soaked many hours into analysing what's the problem, but still got no clue. Maybe something with variables or something really simply :/

      If you can I would 'preciate your help, if we are to finish this project we must pass trough this barrier first.
    4. Roland
      It's still on going.
    5. Ofel
      Too busy with school and family stuff. To me, coding with WE is just like a game for having fun now.
    6. EdgeOfChaos
      No one is doing anything with CD1; you would be free to if you want! I think I've given you the map before.
    7. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      Yeah, I got lazy xD
      If I am to complete this armor set I must first animate the wings (because they're completely still). I could finish it if you'd really like to I guess...
    8. Bribe
      Well, you can change the dummy unit in the Spell System config trigger, but it is better to leave it as the generic invisible dummy as it's universal. It sounds like what you're doing would use a unique dummy type per spell, so you would not use Spell__DummyType but (YourSpellName)DummyType
    9. clockwork2
      Snail's pace, I'm a major procrastinator. Thinking of going for a cinematic maybeh.
      Time really does fly though eh?
    10. clockwork2
      Hello, sorry I have kinda been slacking off on alotta things :)
      I hope you've been doing well man.
    11. Bribe
      I've never tested SetUnitAnimationSpeed with an effect attached, but there's no rule saying you can't use a different dummy unit for those creative spells if animation speed is otherwise unavailable. It's just there so people don't have to keep declaring the same dummy unit variable over and over.
    12. Bribe
      The dummy unit type is always the same. The reason why is because the dummy.mdx model file by Vexorian, Anitarf and Infrane is able to be invisible or "visible" (with a special effect attached it is visible).
    13. StoPCampinGn00b
    14. EdgeOfChaos
    15. General Frank
      General Frank
      I barely keep models of others.
    16. HaaG
      We don't have custom stat system. The problem tho is the project is dying sort of, and Garena banned my country's IPs as well.
    17. MasterHaosis
      Oh same here, real life and stuff. Its nice to see you man.
    18. MasterHaosis
      Whats up man?
    19. StoPCampinGn00b
    20. HaaG
      Ok man.
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    Flying nearby somewhere
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    Scary Stuff. . .
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    US East
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    Did have one however game was so bad I uninstalled after login...


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