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Mar 15, 2012
Flying nearby somewhere


Tal0n @ US East Mainly, from Flying nearby somewhere

Hi Jul 17, 2016

    1. EdgeOfChaos
      If you want to take on the task of finishing it/fixing the problems, you're absolutely free to. I released chaos dimension open-source along with return of legends a while ago, but the forum where I did was gone.

      Here's the link to my OS maps folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b9qarfa815vpr/Open_Source_Maps

      The problems (as far as I remember) are:
      - Lack of balance. Attack goes up too quickly, magic is not effective.
      - Few abilities; some units only have 1 or 2.
      - Ancient Forest (top right) not completed
      - Game is too short

      If you can better the game at all, that would be awesome!
    2. EdgeOfChaos
      I suppose I finished it, but there are so many problems... don't feel like updating it to add something like the save/load textfile (though I do know how)

      I'm just trying to apply the things I learned from CD's problems into a new rpg.
    3. risk_fan2
      Awesome, thanks man. For some reason the map desyncs at a pretty high rate. Maybe 10-20% of all games have at least one desync, sometimes theres more then one desync in a game. And the desyncs are usually devestating, as in half the people are desynced. Priwin couldn't find any triggers that would cause a desync but maybe he didn't know all of the yriggers that can cause them. The desync always seem random too, I haven't found any specifoc event that causes it. I will say thougj that it is definitely more likely to happen the more people there are. Priwin suggested that maybe the map was just corrupted. Guess there would be no fix for that. I always wondered if making all the triggers jass would help since I've read that certain gui functions and not jass can cause drsyncs.
      I also heard that our clans might be merging? Sounds exciting.
      Sorry for any typos, I wrote this on my phone.
    4. risk_fan2
      That certainly does explain a lot. That's too bad though, I quite like the bigger map size but I guess if it causes desyncs its not really worth it. Though I still think WoW Risk's desync involves something more since it desyncs more then other maps that use larger map sizes, including Azeroth Wars which uses the same terrain. Oh well, the map wouldn't be possible at 256x256 unfortunately.

      Thanks for the info, good stuff to know.
    5. SuperbAvalon
      Good. Just about to retire for the night! Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Whenever someone likes your work, it's a plus! haha
    6. EdgeOfChaos
      I finished my rpg before, I'm (kind of) working on a new one right now. I say kind of because I'm also pretty busy with school.
    7. SuperbAvalon
      How's it going!
    8. Dat-C3
      This is what Tal here does with most maps. . .

      Beware when you ask for a review because you'll want it to be nearly complete before so. =)
    9. EdgeOfChaos
    10. risk_fan2
      Yeah triggers might be the way. And yes the map is bigger then 256x256. What issues does that cause?
    11. risk_fan2
      Hmm... Well I would definitely start with just increasing the range as that sounds the easiest, however I've tried that and to me it didn't seem to help but maybe that's because I wasn't using a multiple of 32? I didn't know that about the pathing, does that apply to unit size too or anything else?

      I've also already worked on the terrain to make loading better. I just increased the size of most shores, not sure what else I could do. Sometimes when you tell your units to load on a boat the boat will go to a wierd place instead of going to the shore. And sometimes when you tell the boat to unload it will just stop where it is and say that it can't unload. That isn't that big of a problem though, its more the loading that I take issue with. I'lll take a look at the terrain but I'm not sure what I could/should change about it to help. I already did what I thought would help, which is just to make the shores bigger and make more watery land where the ports are. Any ideas?
    12. Almia
      Nah. It is too large for me to finish. Besides, I am a college student now.
    13. risk_fan2
      Yeah I didn't know that about the leaks. Good to know though, thank you. About the boats, not sure actually. I don't think I ever specified, I just said that I wanted to improve the boat load/unload in wc3. Not sure if thats possible though. Atm, units won't load a lot of times when you tell them to load onto a boat or only some of them will load. Do you know what I mean?
    14. risk_fan2
      Hey Dat. Any update on the leak cleaning or boat system?
    15. Boris_Spider
      Maybe we should harass Ralle until he lists it in the reputation FAQ. We'll either get -1337 rep or success...

    16. Dat-C3
      I've always wondered, what are all the messages (when you mouse-over) for each level and when do they appear? It's not listed with the rep tutorial...


      -1337 ~ -58 = has joined the forces of evil
      -50 ~ -29 = is infamous around these parts
      -25 ~ -6 = can only hope to improve
      -5 ~ -2 = has had a little shameful behavior in the past (negative)
      -1 = must of done something wrong
      0 = is an unknown quantity at this point
      1 ~ 59 = has little to show at the moment
      60 ~ 89 = is on a distinguished road
      90 ~ 119 = will become famous soon enough
      120 ~ 149 = has a spectacular aura about
      150 ~ 269 = is a jewel in the rough
      270 ~ 419 = is just really nice
      420 ~ 594 = is a glorius beam of light
      602 ~ 743 = is a name known to all
      751 ~ 949 = is a splendid one to behold
      973 ~ 1277 = has much of which to be proud
      1267 ~ 1898 = has a brilliant future
      2097 ~ 2414 = has a reputation beyond repute
      2564 ~ 3299 = has been here far too long
      3300+ = is lengendary

      Were those the defaults that came with the rep system or were they set as such?



      Well, I have a better idea - the actual borders are still interesting trivia to me though (they don't follow the jem order it seems). Didn't realize how negative some people have gotten either.
      Apparently rep is meaningless, but I surely think they're wrong. Ralle and his Rep-Factories, he doesn't want to lose a single rep... If only people knew! o.O :thumbs_up:

      Rep means money and time which Ralle doesn't want to lose. :grin:

      Reptator == Dictator ( By the way it is a joke and is in no way meant to offend anyone or Ralle. )
    17. Arhowk
      i left a while ago... o.O i just load hive whenever i get bored
    18. Arhowk
      im assuming that was just a typo. either way, i left a bitch post.

      with regards to the 2nd thing, read the post.
    19. Ralle
      I doubt people will use it. But feel free to make this. Hell, I can't stop you :D
    20. Ralle
      I don't see why not. You want to make an installer to play the demo models or what exactly is this?
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    Flying nearby somewhere
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