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  • That sounds like a very ambitious project. I just hope that the scope is not too large for you to handle. Remember that when looking through a slanted camera (i.e. TPS perspective), larger maps will cause a larger framerate drop due to the distance of the horizon (the far Z clipping only seems to limit the impact of models on this). But if you can make it work, then it sounds awesome. I can share with you all my private star wars models, such as my planets (i have skins for Naboo, Geonosis, Mygeeto, Felucia and Mustafar). I am also working on doodads for Felucia, Mygeeto and Coruscant.

    About the clipping issue - this can indeed be fixed through manipulating the model. Just open the model in Magos Model Editor, and go to edit>model properties. There you will find minimum and maximum extents. Set the minimum ones to something very low, like -1000, and the maximum ones to 1000. You can experiment with this, but remember that you only want them as high as you need, because rendering models despite being outside of camera bounds is obviously a waste of performance. Another thing to note is that destructables have hardcoded maximum bounds, so don't use them for massive objects (use doodads instead). If there's any coding related business you need help with, just ask.

    EDIT: by the way, i'm not sure whether this is interesting to you, but i made an airplane movement system here which is similar to how units move in your map. It has the option of manipulating air friction, and stuff like speed and turn speed can be manipulated from the object editor. Might be worth checking out.
    A clone wars map would be awesome!! Especially from someone with your coding skills. I am making practically all units from the prequel series. Currently i am working on an MTT, LA-AT (republic gunship), AT-AP, and an AT-TE. There will also be some structures, like factories and barracks.
    Well it may become easier with more playing (experience). A tutorial is not a bad idea at all. The buttons are/spells of the ship are not a problem after players get used to them. It would be nice to have the grouped somehow, their position and hotkeys I mean.
    What I thought strange was Shock Troopers and other infantry just taking ships easily down. Maybe only some infantry like with heavy weaponry to do that?
    For me it got difficult when the AI fast fighter ships were on my tail and I couldn't really get to hit them (couldn't turn without the enemy still being behind me).
    You wot?

    Firebolt knocks the target back in the direction the target was according to the firebolt.
    So if you are hit by the firebolt on our left arm, you are knocked back to the right.
    The firebolt explodes and knocks the target back from the direction of the missile.

    About the power strike on the gryphon... yea I did something weird.
    "When the missile is an existing unit, DON'T save the unit's current height."
    Sound loic doesn't it?
    Changed it now.
    Do you really want to know when I release it?

    Well... you could try to take a look at this.
    Well... the thing is, which you already know. I am making a missile system myself.

    The reason why I do not use existing systems is that mine can use existing units as missiles (aka dash, jump, knockback, knockup, etc.), mine has on-collide events for destructables and items too, my missiles are allowed to hit the same target multiple times (with a configurable minimum delay), my system has on-collide events with missiles and my system has advanced properties for terrain stuff.

    Yes there is no fcking system that can do that and I need all of those for my upcoming map.

    The reason why I asked about your system is that my system is dynamic.
    It is easy to install and use (if you know how) on every map.
    As soon as I have a proper way of pausing a unit without actually pausing it... I will upload my system.
    <span style="font-size: 9px">I sound like Kermit the Frog.</span>
    Come now, it can't be that bad.

    Oh and no probs, I loved what I saw. Your projects really need more attention :)
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    (Post) (+4), holy schnitzel. That's one goddamn greatly done scene and moving animation. Well done >.>
    I'm a creature of habit...I've been working on a campaign for about 12 years now. Slow going... I didn't know what I was doing at first.
    On this site. Goodluck with your campaign! I like seeing dudes who has a join date back in '04 who still has dedication with warcraft modding
    I'm updating Battle for Tatooine with some changes, fixes, and balance issues. Please let me know if there's anything you found in terms of balance fixes.
    Could I by any chance receive a unprotected version of your map on wc3? It's quite fun and I even would say it meets epic quality.
    Thanks :psmile: Yours is too. I actually remember playing Battle for Tatooine a couple years ago and really enjoyed it.
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    (Post) Thanks for your suggestions, I added another condition so it wont remake the lightning unless the unit is close enough, and maker's solution worked. Thanks again
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