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    How many hours a day do you use the computer?

    Erm... On weekdays with school I spend about 2-3 hours. When I don't have anything to do, like work and stuff, maybe 5-6 hours.
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    What is your favourite song at the moment?

    Ahhh... Finally a good use for autotune
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    Your most memorable warcraft quotes?

    Heres a good one "Could you put some bonus points in my drinking skills?" -Mountain King "All i see is Blackness! ...Oh, my hood is down" -Acolyte
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    Are your Parents Gamers?

    As the title states, are your parents gamers? Mine are not. But my friend has a dad who loves to play GTA 4
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    Favorite SSBB Character?

    Luigi!!! His new taunts are so kick ass and his final smash is deadly if you know how to use it :D Love his dash attack also.
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    Anyone a Metroid Fan?

    Yeah. Liked all the Metroid Games but i played echoes when i was young and it creeped me out :O MP3 was awesome except i thought it was too easy.
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    Post a screenshot of your WoW Character(s)

    Yeah. Lvl 70 Orc Warrior :D
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    Favourite WoW Race

    Dwarfs :D Short guys with beards. Cant get any better then that
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    Im addicted to... Root Beer People complain about me drinking to much of it and im now famous/infamous for my love for it. I drink about 1-2 a day... But sometimes i take a break. I also like Choco Milk, tastes like yum.
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    How much do you play?

    Usually play on weekands, so about 10 to 15 hours a week.
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    First Custom Map You've Played?

    LOAP... Not the best custom game to start out with in my opinion.
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    Is WoW too much to pay or not?

    $15 is very reasonable indeed. And its UBER reasonable if you add in how much fun your having...
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    build on ubuildable texture?

    Simply go into object editor, click on the building you want. Scroll down until you see something under Pathing called "Placement requires" then uncheck everything.
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    Which Blizzard Campaign is your favourite?

    I liked the TFT Night Elf one and the RoC Human. Wardens are so cool and good, and i liked playing as the Naga. Watching Arthas slowly going insane was also very nice...
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    The hero factory - Submit your ideas for heroes

    Suicide Veteran Suicidal Aura Every time a unit attacks the Suicide Veteran, they have a random chance of having a thought about suicide, causing them to kill themself. Depression...