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    Empire at War v.1.4

    All in all, nice idea but there are some negative things... First of all, the undead mainbase can't train workers. Additionally there is pretty much german in some descriptions. Are the Heros just strong units, or real "heros"? Because it's a bit strange if you could train the same person 3 times.
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    Raging Werewolf v1.9 (Map)

    Hey guys! Your interested in a Mini-Survival-Game? Then don't miss Raging Werewolf! It's really funny and you also have to options to choose from. The first is for the evil guys of you: The Werewolf! Your job is to rampage and kill the humans before your blood lust does it to you. Of...
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    Raging Werewolf v1.9 (Warcraft 3 Map)