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Sep 30, 2014
Sep 16, 2014

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DarkSyan was last seen:
Sep 30, 2014
    1. Dark-Zalor
      Every time a bot is frost
    2. Dark-Zalor
      Nobody can buy an other hero
      I'm interested if you find other hero that can go out
    3. Dark-Zalor
      I think there is only the prophet and the marine that can do that

      Now players can't buy 2 heroes or more
    4. Dark-Zalor
      It's blocked now
      Marine and prophet are blocked
    5. Dark-Zalor
      Thanks my friend

      Do you think spells damages are good?
      I've reduced the sniper damages (3rd spells)

      I'm very glad to have your reviews
      Have you got some bugs with the hero respawn?
    6. Dark-Zalor
      I uploaded a new version
      I correct the bug with the tavern
      The dranai slicer is a bit stronger tell me if it's enougth
      Have fun my friend
    7. Dark-Zalor
      Thanks for your review
      I will have a look
    8. SeedinAethyr
      Welcome to the Hive DarkSyan!
      I hope you enjoy your stay here.
      Feel free to create a thread in the Introductions subforum in the Off-Topic forum to introduce yourself to the community.
      If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me via Visitor Messages. I hope I'll be able to help you!
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  • About

    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Blood Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
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