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    Do YOU think World of Warcraft is losing its edge?

    yes simple, new mmorpg are coming and they have better graphic, gameplay better than wow 'Nuff said, blizzard just want to take all the money and gone for good :)
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    Heroes of Newerth

    CCCCCCCCCCCCCCOMBO BREAKER! :P btw i have some invite wanna get some? xD
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    TKoK - Eastern Kingdom - 3.3.0f

    holy **** tkok has pawned DI heads for mega rep! tkok is beyond maplike!! someone defeat it!! MMMMMMEGA REP :)
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    Holy shit, diablo 3 secret message

    :mwahaha: praise to be the light my favorite map maker posted on this stupid theory forget what i say, this theory rocks:mwahaha:
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    Holy shit, diablo 3 secret message

    its pass 090909 and still, diablo 3 not released....:( so yeah, my theory suck :p
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    Holy shit, diablo 3 secret message

    I was browsing the web when I ran across an interesting theory on the Diablo 3 release date. I'm 100% sure it's not true, but the fact that someone went through all the trouble to come up with something so intricate is quite impressive. I had to post it here for everyone to see. If you're the...
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    my next project: Kael Journey

    first, sorry all because i cannot continue on my rpg because of my system error that make my project destroyed :cry: but, let's forget the past and began new era of my next map!!! named Kael Journey!:thumbs_up: The story began after Illidan killed by Arthas, after Illidan killed, Kael...
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    Quaked Ground (Map)

    before i edited it, this map was Booty Bay. i add few things and give noise to the ground Credit is for Blizzard Entertainment Happy Playing! Keywords: melee, booty, bay, darkro90, dark, ro, 90, 9, 0, quake, raigor, earthquake, earth, dota, HW, hiveworkshop, shop,
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    Quaked Ground (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Egg Defense V.2.0

    yep, two unique heroes :smile: also, give rep to me and rating to my map if you think my map is awesome, okay? :) EDIT:man, you discovered my typo! thx man :D
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    15/10 awesome :smile:
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    Egg Defense V.2.0

    i found a little bug..... it say there is 3 hero... but i will repair it later! if you have bug on this map, pm me :)
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    Egg Defense V.2.0 (Map)

    A task has fallen to you, the task is to Protect the Grand Phoenix Egg!!!! control 2 unique hero with different skill each hero and guard the Egg with your life!!!! credit to: General Frank Kyou-n3n Dan Van Ohlluss and other.... After you in the game, press F9 for more help and...
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    Egg Defense V.2.0 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    New Roleplay?

    Name:Meriod Shadowsong Race:Sun Elf Class:Sun Archer Organization:The Golden Sun Council Age:20.000(in human age was 20) Weapon:Sun Bow given by a strange traveler named Medivh (OMG, given by the prophet!) Background Info:Taken from The Golden Sun Council Archery Paper Profile: Her name is...