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    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks a lot!
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    You're rather late for that rep :D

    You're rather late for that rep :D
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    Thanks, Ralle :D Sorry for the late reply, I've been off.

    Thanks, Ralle :D Sorry for the late reply, I've been off.
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    Hello ^_^

    Welcome, GOLF :D
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    [OLD] What is your favorite song at the moment?

    Manowar is out of date :D
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    What's your talent

    I learn languages quickly :D I also give up on languages quickly too xD
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    Red Bull Stratos

    I lost a bet on whether he'd die or not, unfortunately.
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    Which pill would you choose?

    Black, then grey, then everything else.
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    Official WarCraft IV Discussion

    I suppose that if they come around to making a WC4, they'll say "Gee whillikers, WoW didn't actually happen and we're sorry you should forget it all and stuff" and go make some more money.
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    Warcraft III ability in real life

    Silence :ogre_hurrhurr:
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    Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim ! {lulz?^^}

    I felt it on my own skin =S
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    What you did today v1.0

    Where did you put the dump? What measure is a non-dump? Are all dumps moist and brown?
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    Christmas Event! Earn 30 reputation points as a reward!

    I lost no interest :D
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    Romania - Protests in București

    Essentially, Welcome to Balkans. We hope you enjoy stay.