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  • Im not much help unless you show me the actual error. "Expected name" is extremely vague lol.
    Could you put the image in hidden tags? x) Thanks for drawing it out.

    Erghh... see the problem with the idea is that I will need a seperate loop timer that keeps track of whenever the Caster looses mana. It will make it extremely convoluted, and can maybe tax your FPS. Are you sure you want to do it? I also wouldn't be able to redirect the mana used from (mana draining attacks & spells) to use the one from the orb instead of the caster's mana pool. I will only be able to "refill" after said mana is lost.
    The mana and health that go over the caster's maximum values are hardcoded into both Life Drain and Mana Drain. Unfortunately since you wanted it to be AoE, I had to code it from scratch and I don't see how it's possible. I, however, can make it so that if the Caster has reached maximum life, I can switch over to mana. The units affected should still be losing life though right, not mana?

    Oh this is for an Earth Based hero? Woops. I can change it if you want. How does the Hero look?

    Some things I currently have coded:
    Units affected by a Forked Drain cannot be affected by another
    There is a break range
    Only up to X units can be affected by an instance
    Requires a Unit Indexer

    Current multi-level supported variables:
    Max Targets
    Break Range

    I haven't added the actual drain mechanics yet. Just testing out the effects. There is a "break" sfx, target sfx, caster sfx, & caster loop sfx. I still have a question: should damage, health transfer, and mana transfer happen every loop iteration, or a configurable interval?
    Do you want the drain to happen for every loop run, or should there be an interval?
    For Forked Drain a lightning effect is wanted yes - but for Earth Tap (If you consider it) could be like your mana orb things but it could be area targetted and the orbs could fly to the caster.
    Ahh okay, I haven't looked at Earth Tap yet, I'll get started on Forked Drain.

    es actually I hope you won't get creeped out but I like checking out your spells and requests because they are Wc3 eye candy.
    Not at all! Thank you :3 I try to make them look really cool only using ingame effects.
    Haha I see that you're stalking one of my other requests (; I thought you would have wanted lightning effects between casters and affected targets?
    Forked Drain will be easy to make, it will just be hard to make it look pretty :) my only gripe is the last mechanic: "Forked drain can push the casters mana over its maximum value, dissipating at (VARIABLE) seconds over time." I'm not entirely sure how I will be able to do this :( what do you mean by dissipating?

    Earth Tap will also be easy to make. It will just be hard to make it look pretty :D
    Reputation (+3):
    (Post) :D I haven't forget about your spell. Unfortunately there's a contest coming up soon :( I MAY participate in it
    The dummy model you are using is incorrect. The reason I have dummy.mdx is because it has attachment points, which I use to attach special effects to. "none.mdl" has no attachment points, which is why you dont see the special effects on it :p
    Well I guess since its a request I can just work on it now and upload it some other time :3
    I haven't started on it :( I don't plan on starting on it for another week or two because I still have to update my current spells. I will let you know when I start on it.
    I'm liking Earth Tap :) I think I will do that after I finish the one I'm currently working on.
    Not hard at all. Tell me how YOU want the spell to work, and then I'll just give you that version and upload something else extremely similar to it. Yah basically haha. Don't update it just yet! I'm actually working on its hopefully final version.
    I think channeling would be cool. I'll have to look more into and start pseudo-code maybe this weekend :p

    No problem! It was a great spell idea. I've updated it a lot and added a TON of fixes, so I hope you've been updating it.
    Wow that sounds badass dude! So this is an instant life drain, not channeling? I'm also not sure how I will be able to pull off the mana over maximum value portion.
    Unfortunately, the animation speed gets really buggy :( all I could do was add the movement speed.
    Just added an extra condition inside of the nest.
    Unit Group - Pick every unit in SP_CheckGroup[SP_CurrentIndex] and do (Actions)
    Loop - Actions
    Set SP_PickedUnitCG = (Picked unit)
    If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
    If - Conditions
    (SP_PickedUnitCG is in SP_InfectedGroup) Equal to False
    (SP_PickedUnitCG belongs to an enemy of (Owner of SP_Caster[SP_CurrentIndex])) Equal to True
    (SP_PickedUnitCG is A structure) Equal to False
    (SP_PickedUnitCG is Mechanical) Equal to False
    (SP_PickedUnitCG is alive) Equal to True
    Then - Actions
    Unit Group - Add SP_PickedUnitCG to SP_Group[SP_CurrentIndex]
    Unit Group - Add SP_PickedUnitCG to SP_InfectedGroup
    Animation - Change SP_PickedUnitCG's vertex coloring to (50.00%, 100.00%, 50.00%) with 0.00% transparency
    Unit - Set SP_PickedUnitCG movement speed to (SP_MSMultiplyFactor x (Default movement speed of SP_PickedUnitCG))
    Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the origin of SP_PickedUnitCG using SP_InfectSFX
    Special Effect - Destroy (Last created special effect)
    Else - Actions
    Oh no its not x) I realized that while I was adding more features to it. Ill send you the trigger snippet to change when I get home.
    I took your spell idea and added two extra features that I plan on uploading to the resource section soon.
    Lol yes xP I think someone in the community is working on a solution :)

    DotA or DOTA? There is a big difference between the 2 haha.
    Okay I think the spell is working fine now :) the only problem that I feel like is going to be a really hard fix (in the middle of figuring it out) is that the damage can stack.
    Well I can't let a spell go off my hands without it be MUI :) I'm asking help from the community anyway.
    I have the layout of the spell done, but for some reason it gets buggy when I cast it too fast :( I'll get back to you.
    All right :) the spell is harder than I thought. I'm almost done with thought, I'll send it to you tomorrow.
    Click on the "Skins" link at the top. Then click on the "Upload" button to the right. From there you pick out the skin and a screenshot of it, as well as other information.
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