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Jan 22, 2021 at 7:11 AM
Oct 10, 2011


The dark side of english!, Male, from France

Working on The Last Blade cause Reforged need it :D Sep 3, 2020

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Jan 22, 2021 at 7:11 AM
    1. Legal_Ease
      So you have exported the ability data and imported it into a new map. Then you went through and deleted the spells one by one. And one spell caused an error?

      If so, that's good. Now can you do it with unit data?
    2. Legal_Ease
    3. Legal_Ease
    4. Legal_Ease
      In OE if you go to the abilities tab and then go to file, there you can export just the ability data. The same is true with items and units, etc. You should import them into a fresh blank map. Each one seperately into its own map. The see if any create the same bug. Likely, one will have the bug. The you can import all the data EXCEPT the bugged one. Also, after you isolate the bad string, you can find the bad ID. I will look into it more. Maybe I can find a better answer.
    5. Legal_Ease
      Ok, but we aren't trying to remove anything anymore. We are trying to locate the problem. Once it is located we can export everything else and leave the problem and then start with a new map with everything we exported in it but leave the problem behind. You need to thinking critically. Did you export unit data? This is not all objected data, but just unit data. Did you do that? If not, do it. Then import it into a new map. Now play the map. Try to delete units. Does this work? If so move on to abilities. Can you export them?

      If this fails you can try doing it one ability at a time, and one unit at a time. This may seem time consuming but! it is faster than rewriting all of the abilities.

      Do you see how to debug with a strategy in mind. If you have the proper approach, you cannot fail.
    6. Legal_Ease
      Did you try exporting the unit data into a blank map?

      If you do this you may be able to isolate the problem by process of elimination.
    7. Legal_Ease
      I have custom stats in my current project. It's Diablo II. I use dexerity, strength and vitality. It's pretty easy to make them. Any luck isolating and removing your bug? Feel free to use my AoS terrain. Maybe I should post it as a template.
    8. Legal_Ease
      Don't get discouraged there is a solution, but you will have to find it. Try the oldest version you have and export the unit data. Then import just the unit data into a blank map. See if that map crashes. Then try it again, but then with just the ability data. See if that map crashes. Locate the bug by process of elimination. Don't worry your not stupid.

      Alpha AoS got too heavy and lagged. I had to abandon it. Too many units having too many orders. Too many doodads. The manabars system was rough then too. I've made it better, maybe I should go back to it at some point.
    9. Legal_Ease
      I looked at some of your maps after I wrote that. They look pretty nice. The only thing is that some still have bugs. People complained about Last Blade having a fatal error during a certain duel. I'm not trying to give you a hard time. You do nice work, but I am trying to make sure you get to enjoy the benefit of your hard work. Bugs like this can ruin a map.
    10. Legal_Ease
      It has nothing to do with the MPQ.


      Lesson one: Use google to find answers to your questions. Here I searched "Hiveworkshop transfer editor data" to find this tutorial. I had to check a few threads but it took under 5 minutes. This is the fastest way to learn and will help you learn a lot more than asking people for help. But, if you do have questions, you should also feel free to ask me. "I will do what I can." -Dreanei Worker

      but I created a map with 91 custom heroes, for players that like that, you mean that I would stop at a number of triggers/spells/custom Units

      But dota have 128 heroes how can Ice frog manage all of that?
      You can use editor spells, the fewer triggers the better. You can have 100 custom units that's fine, but you had 1000 units already in the map and 9000 doodads. Your map is 10 MBs. You can also have a lot of triggers, but you had a super-super lot of them. You also had triggers that recreate OE spells? Do you even know JASS? You had a lot of JASS in there too. JASS is great of course but if you don't understand it you probably shouldn't use it. I really only know the most simple basics of JASS. There is no magic number to stop at, but you should be thinking about efficiency. Every piece of data has a cost. Spend your memory wisely. The first thing you should do when making a map is set a realistic goal for yourself. For beginners, creating a massive hero arena is probably not realistic. Try creating a simple AoS before attempting a mammoth defense map. Create spell systems and item systems in test maps first to make sure they work. Create variables for everything you use in triggers. Locations, players, units, groups, real values, integers, and special effects should always be variables and should be nulled when not in use. Triggers should run as little as possible. Don't loop every .03 when 0.30 will work just as well. Even a map with 100 heroes can run light.
    11. Legal_Ease
      Try copying all the object data from a safe version to a new map. Then copy all of the triggers and terrain. Maybe that will work.
    12. Legal_Ease
      An endless loop is a trigger that causes another trigger to fire and that trigger in turn causes the first to fire, hence creating an endless loop and draining the memory of the game almost immediately. This will cause a map to crash, but you don't have one of these in your triggers. I know because I deleted all of your triggers and the map still crashed. You must have a bad ID. Hopefully the Doctor can help you. One way to fixe it might be to export the object info from a normal map and then import it into your map. It will overwrite everything but at least you will be able to save some of your map. In general, your map was too heavy. Too many units, too many abilities, too many triggers. Simple is better.
    13. Legal_Ease
      Learning is easy. Start with the basics. But you have a more complicated problem now. I really don't know how to fix it. It crashed my WE too when I tried deleting your units or abilities. Your map looked pretty cool. I'm no master, I am only mediocre. To solve your issue go to Dr. SuperGood. Have you tried earlier versions of your map?

      Some triggering questions for you though, to learn.

      Do you know what a Leak is?

      Do you know what an endless loop is?
    14. Legal_Ease
      You sent me the bugged version. I need the earlier version. That map is pretty well fucked. I think more than one unit/ability is duplicated with the same ID. You merged some custom scripts based on the same script from 2 maps that were once the same. Now there are duplicates on many IDs. This causes the WE to crash and TFT to be unable to load. You will need to go back to before the merge.
    15. Legal_Ease
      SO? Don't you want everybody to do that? Isn't that why we do what we do? I don't want to help you if you aren't doing this to give something to the Hive and all the people out there who like custom maps. No one is trying to steal your ideas or maps. People just like to play new maps. I post my stuff all the time before it's released or finished. You can prove it's yours if anyone tries to release it claiming it is theirs. After all, this is all Blizzard's creation. None of this is truly a work of art created by you or any one person. We are a Hive. Post the damn map. However, I will help you either way in the spirit of brotherhood or whatever good thing this all is. Everyone helps eachother, that's how it works. I will help you.
    16. Legal_Ease
      Haha, not unless you post it. Put the link in the thread. I might get a chance to look at it before work. But, if not, someone else most likely will. If it's not fixed by tomorrow, I will download it and see if I can open it. Post both versions.
    17. T77df
      A battle between two Company
      1: Jeffersonia
      2: Black mesa
      They create monster and send them into streets.
      I fix my Warcraft yesterday. I just import some model and do little something.
      I can send it or send some pic to you?
    18. T77df
      The helper is for seal. Chose realm is filtered. Just hive.
    19. T77df
      Where did you find your models?
    20. Acutesharpness
      I will check it out some other day, also I need you to make hammer fall less lag :D because I almost went blind using that skill
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