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Last Activity:
Aug 20, 2019 at 8:02 AM
Oct 10, 2011


The dark side of english!, Male, from France

I uploaded a new Aos called Merlin's Spellbook and it has ai : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/merlins-spellbook-v1-0-ai.311267/ Dec 28, 2018

Dark-Zalor was last seen:
Aug 20, 2019 at 8:02 AM
    1. Ardenian
      Yes, it was totally right to select it as mini game.

      The problem with the full view is that the models are extremely small, making it hard to recognize them. You display the name, yes, but I think it is a disadvantage to 'not see' the models, too.
    2. Ardenian
      Hm, yes, I don't say ten seconds aren't enough, but I think it strongly differs from person to person, therefore I think it could be a good idea to let the player decide about the time.
      Well, the camera is either far far away or very close ( if scrolling), same argument as for the timer choice.

      I think it is a simple map ( gameplay) as you basically do not a lot. Simple does not mean it is not funny, enjoyable or challenging. I think it is fine, but, well, it offers not much content, as it uses a quite simple concept ( which is absolutely fine for a mini game and your concept).
    3. Ardenian
      Actually it was not a review but a simple comment :)
    4. Fang
      Thanks! :)
      Yours too
    5. Heinvers
      Well, maybe..... :)

      I just like Archimonde more than Kil'jaeden.
    6. -Kobas-
      Yes I can, but all your GUI triggers will be lost for example.
      The thing is, WE work in that way, that everything created will be "translated" into script, so game engine can read it. "Map protectors" remove files that link script with WE interface so it can't be opened in WE but still readable by game engine.
      I can deprotect your map, but all your code will be lost, if you don't know (v)jass you are doomed.

      Sorry for bad news, but I hope you learned from this, all important data, should be stored on different folders (if possible hard drives so even format won't effect other files), cloud (hive pastebin, google drive etc) and on mobile phone and such, it won't consume much space (spare few MB for really important data).
    7. Lord_Disasthorm
      I do not know for sure but i have advise for u. Just use JNGP. That's very helping.
    8. WhiteFang
    9. IcemanBo
      You can call functions that are in same scope, but declared above
      the caller function, of the calling function needs to be declared in a library.
    10. raisen
      Thanks. you 2
    11. Fang
      Just asking about your project plan type. I want to know more about it so I can download it asap.
    12. Fang
      It must be Arena of Heroes, right?
    13. hakonwarcraft
      It would been nice actually so i got somewere to start from I think :)
    14. Fang
      Do you have a new project? RPG or something…
    15. hakonwarcraft
      Thank you :) I wonder to how i can use custom birth on buildings to but i can work on that later tought, but a arena wonder how im going it make it xD but I got good time doing this :)
    16. Fang
      I can vote it twice?
    17. Fang
      -__- Can I change the rate -__-
    18. Fang
      I loved it! My friend like it too. Today, we will play your map.
      I use Warrior in your map.

      Still 1/5?
    19. Fang
      I loved it! My friend like it too. Today, we will play your map.
      I use Warrior in your map
    20. Fang
      I have played it.
      I rate it 4.75/5 is that okay?
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Hyperion Last War [50% will be upgraded]
    Get The Banker [Finished]
    The Last Blade [Finished]
    Blood Bowl [Finished]
    Creep Vs Wolves [Finished]
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I started to play at Warcraft 3 a few years ago maybe 10 years. I played to very famous game like Dota, X Hero Siege, Grunt Vs Footmen, Footmen Frenzy, Pudge Wars, Battle Tank, Bleach Vs One Piece, Battle Stadium DON, ...
    I've always love custom maps with huge spells and pretty cool effects, some very strong arena with a lot of fight.

    E-mail adress :

    Facebook Page :

    My Epic Music Playlist :

    My Youtube Channel:

    Game, sports, mapping


    God created Humans
    Humans created Warcraft

    To visist my Facebook Page :
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