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Nov 27, 2018
Feb 28, 2007
August 9
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I'm always watching.

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Nov 27, 2018
    1. MaiorPain
      I'm long time was searching the creator of the map the "Phase Killer", and i found you. Why so long? The fact that i had no idea where to search.I really like this map, and many of my friends like it too, but the fact is that most people can't fully play it without understanding much of the text. I'm from Russia and would like help you to translate map (and maybe not just this one) on the Russian language.
      In end i would like to say that: Thank you for the excelent cards, it was nice to spend time on them!
      p.s If you want me to help you with the translation contact me by e-mail or private message.
    2. TheLastTimeLord
      I still miss Battle Mages... -sniffle- That will forever be my favorite game on Wc3.
    3. Dark.Revenant
      Oh God the recipe list. Btw my site is www.sc2mafia.com, but it has no PK-related material.

      Even I don't know some of the recipes for PK anymore; the list is long gone.
    4. Xcer
      Hey, because your website is down, I could not find the Recipe list for Phase killer anymore, mind if you post the list somewhere? I will be very grateful for it :D
    5. HolyFireX
      Can't you update the Mafia for Wc3?
    6. Chocowaffles
      It's your birthday! SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D
    7. General Frank
      General Frank
      Happy birthday!
    8. Dark.Revenant
      Ouch, man, that really sucks. Hope you get better...
    9. ikillforeyou
      Your map is a life saver to me, I broke my wrist so it's about the only thing i can play.
    10. Deolrin
      I played Mafia on SC2, that's really awesome. Will you also add Zombies, Cultists, Bus Drivers etc? Maybe even some unique roles?
    11. thisruoy
      your skills are amazing. I thought mafia in Warcraft 3 was good but just noticed mafia on sc2. Love how it looks, keep it up.
    12. Dark.Revenant
      The point of the town is that they don't have correspondence.

      Also, yes, there are bugs. No, I'm not fixing them because I'm nearing completion on a SC2 Mafia with lots more features.
    13. Gekigengar
      mafia map, bug.

      if there is only godfather and Serial killer left on the game, the game will never end +__+

      and i have encountered a few bugs like that as well with other combinations,

      and i guess you need to add some more time like daily activities, where only unit near your unit can hear the talk, or else we townies can't whisper to each other, or try to communicate. there is no coordination on town, mafias got full coor since they all had connection. you should give some "activity" time on my suggestion xD. like wandering around the town. and had a private talk. on day. before the lynching.
    14. Dark.Revenant
      Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven), mvmt. 1 and 3
    15. TheLastTimeLord
      Hey, what was the music for Phase Killer? and where could I maybe get it? I can't get into your game to tear it out to see... so.. yeah. where could I find dat? :3
    16. Dark.Revenant
    17. Lazers
      Whatever happened to CoM?
    18. KageTouRyuu
      Err then may i ask what are the changes? Cause i dont seem to see anything different. And wow i couldnt find any link to ur forum when i searched ur link on google
    19. Dark.Revenant
    20. KageTouRyuu
      Hey Dark.Rev. I love most of ur maps especially mafia and had been enjoying it for a very long time but recently theres a version 1.57 so i am thinking if it's a new release from u or not. Tried searching for ur forum that i found in the past but saw the news of it being moved away.
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