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Last Activity:
Dec 3, 2013
Oct 10, 2009

Awarded Medals 1

Home Page:
Dallas, Texas
Living life. Usually...


Reformation, from Dallas, Texas

Cweener was last seen:
Dec 3, 2013
    1. -Kobas-
      Just try to be hard sometimes, don't go 2 easy on new or ancient users!
    2. -Kobas-
      I also applied CW for being a map mod.
      I was actually really doubting between you and CW, but since CW started the entire map purging project... :/
      Gj man, if you get job don't forget old buddy :D
    3. SwedishChef
      Saw that you had review two of my maps. Thanks alot, however those two I have stoped working on. The Tag I felt lacked originality and the Arena map had a huge bug which I spent a month trying to fix without success. However I have created a new map named Return of the Legends which it would mean alot to me if you would review.
    4. Vengeancekael
      Ah ok good luck then :)
    5. Vengeancekael
      lol ap0 said that you said that I'm awesome :3 Well thanks. How far are you? I just finished with the campaigns and cinematics.
    6. -Kobas-
      Well this was my opinion, if you want ignore it :D
    7. -Kobas-
      Ap0 said

      This is the current line-up (sorry for not making an awesome table, but this should do for now):

      Types already taken:
      AoS (kobas)
      Defense/Survival (kobas)
      Template/Terrain (kobas)
      Offense (kobas)
      cinematics (Kael)
      RPG's (ap0)
      LOAP's (ap0)
      TD's (ap0)
      Kael said

      All right I'll just check all the cinematics tomorrow.
      So you can skip these map types to make it easier to all of us!
      I will check maybe all offense maps (example) per day so I don't want to pase same link, no point :xxd:
    8. wereguy2
      Pff, the Maps section is a lost cause.
    9. wereguy2
      Dude, if you're going to review a map, do it properly. Don't just say "reject" because you think it's not good enough, explain why, tell people what they should do to improve the map.
      If you were a moderator, it would be fine, but what you are doing is against the point...
    10. -Kobas-
      Ok I will help in my free time :D
    11. Creed345
      you complete me!
      do you review maps at random or do you take requests?
    12. Eccho
      Thank you :) Although, I perhaps have won the poll, I have not won by the judges yet. The poll is only 30%, so we will see. I also hope it will be top3 for me:P
    13. WherewolfTherewolf
      Yeah... I was unimpressed with bad quality sound samples taken from episodes with their background sound in them
    14. WherewolfTherewolf
      Yeah seriously - having to listen to those annoyances a full game would be like sonal torture. Even the most devout of anime fans must notice how annoying that is.
    15. WherewolfTherewolf
    16. Bond009
      You ever check it out yet? xD
    17. dead-man-walking
      That FunHouse thingy... That's a joke right? :D
      Or did you somehow got stressed out after being dumped? >:
    18. Acutesharpness
      Legendary Stage Challenge.

      Highlights: Organised tarvern, balancing, descriptions changes, optimization.
      Take note of the change log if you are curious.

      Please review LSC again!! PS
    19. aaron
    20. PantatKematian
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    Home Page:
    Dallas, Texas
    Living life. Usually...
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade

    Helping people out. Web Scripting & Java Programming.


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    ~Hive's Map Witch.
    [16-22-32] [​IMG]ap0calypse: You're a pretteh little ogre!
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