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    Zeus Lord of Olympus

    Please do Odin, Amaterasu, and Jade Emperor
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    very useful, thank you
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    Night Warrior Tyrande

    Nice model, my only suggestion is to change the death animation
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    Zergs Packs (Units)

    thank you so much for this
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    Rain of Fire Vol. II

    Looks Like Volcanic kind of thing, it is so good, I love your works
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    Zovaal the Jailer

    This is so awesome, may I request for the other eternal ones too (Winterqueen, Archon, Primus, Denathrius)😅
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    Black Wings

    I've been looking for this, thank you
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    It is based on a priest spell in World of Warcraft
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    Spartan Warrior

    This is so good, please make a female version, with a spear instead of a sword
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    Spell Markers

    I can finally do Jaina's Ring of Frost <3
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    Sacred Guard

    I love your works, It looks like a bubble shield <3. Thank you for this <3
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    Water Blast

    Nice, good aalternative for frost nove, thanks
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    Ephemeral Cut

    I love this, it's like an instant cut that one editor can use to make an ability of a samurai character
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    Wind Blast

    What tools do you use in making such effect? I want to create like an Ardenweald style spells from World of Warcraft especially the blue black starry bulb (Withering Seed) and blue black starry tornado elemental (Anima Storm)